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Who Suffers More: Entrepreneur Or The Enterprise?


In order to arrive at a conclusion, one must understand the relationship between an entrepreneur and the Enterprise.

An Entrepreneur is a person who seeds an idea that slowly manifests into a business in the required direction. This idea that we talk about is born out of the basic intent of the Entrepreneur. Thus if the intent is to earn money in any way possible, then the ideas are very transactional, resulting into an enterprise whose only goal is to earn money, while if the intent is to make lives better, then the idea and the enterprise are formed accordingly. Thus we can say that a business is born out of the intent of the entrepreneur and is seen as his/ her baby.

The initial phase of the enterprise focuses more on ideation and planning, brings joy and happiness to the entrepreneur. As the enterprise starts to move towards execution, the effort and pain starts to increase. The effort increases when the entrepreneur tries to communicate his/her idea, to the increasing number of people joining the business. But like a baby grows and develops his/her own personality, a business also develops and carves its own identity, influenced by all those who become a part of his/ her growth. With the coming of new people, drastic changes can be seen in an organisation. As a result, the business is not under control of only one business owner, but develops its own unique personality.

An entrepreneur needs to evolve and grow with their enterprise just like a parent needs to evolve and grow along with the child. In absence of such evolution, challenges start arising and the entrepreneur is unable to handle them resulting in pain instead of joy.

With such challenges in business, an entrepreneur is bound to suffer more.

An enterprise is not only supposed to fulfil the personal aspirations or ideas of the entrepreneur, but also the aspirations of the people that he leads or the group he calls his own. When a business suffers, then the personal aspirations of every person involved in the organisation also suffer.

Even though the suffering or failure is not just of the entrepreneur but for the entire organisation, a good leader always takes the responsibility of the failure and works towards avoiding the road blocks in the future.

As every problem has a solution, similarly business concerns can be resolved by an entrepreneur. How to analyse concerns and work towards solutions is the real challenge at hand for an entrepreneur. Skills like problem solving, decision making, innovation and people handling become the most important to succeed.

And for such skills the foremost requirement is awareness, which can be raised only when the entrepreneur is in a state of consciousness. Unless an entrepreneur is conscious and knows how to manage his /her own self, he/she may not be able to lead others. In order for smooth functioning of the enterprise, an entrepreneur needs to be organised and manage things in a conscious manner.

Success of an enterprise brings a feeling of personal triumph to the entrepreneur, Similarly failure of the enterprise can become the reason of suffering for the entrepreneur.

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