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Business Success
Through Inner Transformation

Success Scale Joy

SKC World has helped 1000s of entrepreneurs across the world through our patented concepts of Conscious Entrepreneurship, to help create Success, Scale, and Joy for you and your enterprise.

SuccessScale Joy
More About SKC

SKC works with entrepreneurs helping them overcome their challenges to scale up their business and life

Management Consulting Firm

We offer Management Consulting Services for organizations that want a winning strategy to succeed and scale up. Through our expert advisory and in depth understanding of people we help entrepreneurs develop a clear vision, implementable strategies and create a culture of productivity and harmony in their firm.

Our main offering under this is our Corporate Empowerment ModelTMor CorEM.

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Different Mentoring & Coaching programs to develop people and organisations to gain greater scale of success and joy in life through inner transformation and state of the art work skills. Our signature program is called Conscious Entrepreneurship ProgramTM or CEP.

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Compliance to ensure regular monitoring of processes, their implementation to help remove complications and build a platform for scaling up. We offer a host of auditing and taxation planning and managing services

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Upcoming Batches

  • For Founders/CEOs of established businesses.
  • For family businesses looking to pass on the mantle to the next generation. 
  • This is suitable for early stage entrepreneurs as well.
SKC Uses its 5 Pillar Model©
to Help Entrepreneurs Become Conscious Entrepreneurs

The Founder

A founder is one who is able to materialise and create an organisation out of a mere idea.

At SKC World we help Founders, bring clarity in vision as well as pragmatism in plans, ensuring success in all their endeavors.

Assess Your Personal Readiness


Sales encompasses not just selling your product/service, it is about building a whole structure for defining your sales strategies, customer segmentation, product innovation while assessing customer needs and demands and building organization towards pull marketing.

It focuses on building a network of customers and partners for a successful sales strategy.

Asses Your Sales Readiness


Processes help to systematize and smoothly run an organization. Scaling up is the need for every organization. And beyond a certain point it is not feasible without following systematic procedures.

Building a process driven organization is essential to improve deliveries, sustain qualities, reduce wastages and enhance overall productivity.

Asses Your Processes
A 4-Day online program to help you master your life
23rd July to 26th July, 2021
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Inspire yourself! Read unique and thought-provoking advice of experts and Successful Entrepreneurs

It is not so difficult to be Happy…

It is not so difficult to be Happy…

Every human being while growing up is well-acquainted with the feeling of being absolute or complete. They relate this feeling of absoluteness with being happy. For instance, if we are craving to eat chocolate and get our favorite variant, we feel happy as soon as we eat a piece of it. Even if the happiness [...]
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This is not a ‘self-help’ book, but an insight into
the process of our minds and hearts

With The Possibilities of Potential, Shalini and Sameer Kamboj have applied their insights and experiential learning towards developing Clarity of mind. Clarity is an imperative need towards our journey in Life.

This book captures you in its story and connects you with each character while making you think… think really hard.

It examines internal conflicts from a unique standpoint. It makes you question your beliefs, your notions, your conditioned mind. It does not provide answers, it makes you question… and then helps you emerge through your own realisations.


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Fill the form below to get the first three chapters of the book FREE. We are sure you will love the book and it will help you become conscious. Do not forget to rate us on Amazon.

    Envisioning : A Possibility

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