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Tuesday, 07th April 2020 | 10:00 am - 2:00 pm | SKC World, Okhla Phase -2, New Delhi
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SKC Events
Tuesday, 07th April
Invite Only
A Possibility
To Be Announced
Ability Enhancement Workshop
To Be Announced
Invite Only
Industry and Innovation

Next Open House: Tuesday, 07th April

Want to experience Sameer in his best self?

A Lot can happen over Coffee”. CSS is a chance for entrepreneurs to experience Sameer and Shalini in there raw form. It is a platform to explore synergies and experience the possibilities of “Conscious Entrepreneurship”. CSS is by invite only, intimate gathering of entrepreneurs who want more from themselves, who want to unleash their inner potential, and make an impact they always dreamed off. This is an event primarily for those who have never experienced SKC.

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ABIlity Enhancement Workshop

SKC Samarth

Samarth workshops are specially designed and tailored to help
entrepreneurs overcome their small and large challenges. In today’s date, there is no real support for entrepreneurs where help is provided without any mincing of words. These series of masterclasses take upon the hottest topics prevalent in the world of entrepreneurship. From scaling up to process implementation. These topics are picked up through the feedback of entrepreneurs only.
Samarth is an offering to bring Success, Scale and Joy in the life of entrepreneurs.

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a sneak peak into the future

I & I : Industry & Innovation

Research & Development are the key to keeping an enterprise relevant and fresh. I&I is an Initiative and offering by SKC to Small and Medium entrepreneurs/ business Owners to interact with various Industry Experts who are the leading innovation in their fields.
SKC World offers its SKC Grads and interested entrepreneurs to interact with these experts at a very intimate level, to get help in their business which otherwise is difficult to get.
This closed-door meeting requires initial interview for one to qualify to be a part of it.

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Envisioning and Possibility

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