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A powerful combination of proven concepts of entrepreneurial science and ancient meditative practices.

Being conscious implies a state of self-actualization, a mental and emotional state that has a balance leading to
complete clarity about self and life. It is about knowing the purpose.

Entrepreneurship implies the ability to take more than the required initiative towards exploring possibilities and
actualizing your vision through harnessing your and others potential.


CEP is focused on mentoring of two most important pillars of an organisation, the Founder and People. Through this program, SKC World wants to offer entrepreneurs a possibility of consistent scale and success in their businesses and personal lives in a joyful manner, without giving over estimations or false motivations.

The Unique Approach

More than two decades of experience of working with Entrepreneurs, CXOs, and Professionals from enterprises of all sizes, helps us bring to you the secrets that help companies succeed. Our approach of combining Emotional Consciousness with Enterprise Science is one of its kind. Mentoring (that removes Illusions), Coaching (that aims for results), and Consulting (that helps you decide through research-driven decision-making formats) are the three functions of this process.

Focus Areas
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A founder is one who is able to materialise and create an organisation out of a mere idea. At SKC World we help Founders, bring clarity in vision as well as pragmatism in plans, ensuring success in all their endeavours.

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Doing right things at the right time for the right length of time is productivity. To know what is right and how much is right, we need to be conscious. once conscious, our struggles and stress ceases making us productive and joyful.

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Vision & Mission

As we understand our desires and wish to scale up we need people to join our cause. Only when our vision and mission is clear that other people find a space in our organisation, a reason for them to invest their lives if our vision matches with theirs.

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Time Management

Managing time is all about inner management. Those who succeed in managing their mind, body and intellect remain balanced, progressive and consequently extract the most out of time. Once you have learnt the art of managing your mind, with simple time management techniques you can become a master of your own time.

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People & Culture

If we realise that people are not assets, they are the ones who make an organisation. They are the intrinsic ingredient. To accept them in totality as we accept ourselves is the path to growth. The program not only gives you this clarity it also provides you, necessary skills like effective communication and effective delegation.

Takeaways of the program
  • 01Build a Foundation to a Business Vision that is truly yours. Truly yours and keeps you ignited forever in your life.
  • 02Effective Communication to build Relationships and Clarity of Mind & Priorities
  • 03Methods to enhance your personal as well as team's productivity without stress rather joyfully
  • 04Master your Emotions and overcome the compulsive thoughts that limit you from harnessing your potential.
  • 05Design organisational structures that help you attract, motivate, and retain the best talent.
  • 06Master the method of developing a winning organization that demonstrates the culture of performance and profits.
  • 07Create a Succession Plan that takes your
    enterprise to the next level.
  • 08Know the Science of Delegation and
  • 09Build your own Roadmap to Scaling Up
  • 10Live your life, Joyfully, forever.
  • 11Network with fellow entrepreneurs and industry leaders and build lifelong relationships.
Who should join
  • Entrepreneurs, CXOs and top leaders from any industry who are reasonably successful but now strive to find meaning and purpose to their life.
  • Founders who want to align with their top leadership and work towards a common objective.
  • Family businesses who want to prioritise harmony and love for each other and take their business to the next level.
  • Co-founders and Partners who wish to find the perfect balance and alignment to scale-up the organisation.
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