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Competitive Entrepreneurship Vs Conscious Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship, one of the most likable of positions in the world of businesses, it carries such an awe to its name. Never the less do not get mesmerised by the name, one has to put in immense hard work to actually earn such a title.

Till date there have been many methods that people have tried to do justice to this name, hundreds and thousands of #1 Bestselling books have been published around this one simple topic. A handful among them brought rapid progress and amazing tools.

Many books propagated “do not compete with others, compete with yourself.” And you felt wow, well said, and when the hangover finished, you tried to put it to work, but was letting go of competition and comparison even possible, let alone be easy?

We compare ourselves to other humans and their achievements, we either feel superior or inferior, even our motivation is rooted out of this feeling of superiority or inferiority. And even if we surpass them, that feeling of fulfilment is never achieved. But why does this happen and how can we solve this?

To try and understand this feeling of competition, let’s go back in time and refer to our childhood memories. At a very young age we realise our limitations, both physically as well as mentally. This happens when we are unable to do things that others around us are able to do with great ease, like closing a door, sitting at a table, sitting on and getting up from a chair etc. These feelings of limitations start an inbuilt mechanism of ours through creating different kind of emotional responses in such situations.

Depending on our individual tendencies, we create different responses. Be it the crying or throwing of tantrums, getting angry and frustrated with themselves or at times even others for not helping, or doing what the child told the adult. Some may become sad and loose heart or in case of some children, who keep sitting and give in to their limitations. But there are a very few who take these up as challenges.

In all the above cases the showcased behaviours might be different, but the root cause/ feeling is common, which is the feeling of “inadequacy”.

As we grew up, we learnt different ways to manage this feeling of inadequacy, but in the rarest of cases actually did we overcome it. We gathered educational degrees, knowledge, appreciation, money, power physical beauty, multiple friends and partners, just to get a mere feeling of adequacy.

But, deep within we still suffer with the pangs of sadness, anxiety, stress, frustration, the list is endless. We try to never be alone, and even if we are, we tend to constantly be on our phones or with some kind of distraction as if we truly sit with ourselves, the thoughts of fear, guilt, feeling of not good enough, depression etc. just consume our mental space.

This sense of inadequacy is the breeding ground of competitive entrepreneurship. A kind of entrepreneurship where every business and the businessman are striving to prove that they are adequate, where one is constantly trying to show “I am better than others” instead of just focusing on “Who am I”?

Every entrepreneur lives in a constant fear of being left behind, or fear of their inadequacy being exposed. They then try to create products which can compete with others on feature, or price wars. Seldom do we find entrepreneurs who depend on innovation and overcoming of limitations, who have a sense of clarity, and truly believe and trust in their product as well as themselves.

Conscious Entrepreneurship on the other hand is about truly overcoming this feeling of inadequacy. It is about Doing the Right Things to get the Right Results. Consciousness involves knowing, “What is the right thing?” and “What kind of result to aim for?”, ultimately helping us to make the right plan, while Entrepreneurship is the implementation of this plan. It is the ability to take Conscious Decisions in place of conditioned and compulsive decisions rooted in greed, lust or fear. It makes us do the right things. Helps us “live” each moment. It helps us get progressive results for everyone. It helps us make better plans and implement them leading to Scaling of Success with Joy.

It is not about just “managing or intellectualising”, instead it is truly “Accepting” our strengths as well as weaknesses. It is about doing what is needed, rather than hoarding and fulfilling our compulsive need to prove. As we become conscious of our limitations, we accept them, in its completeness and actively start looking for methods to overcome them. Instead of hiding, justifying or boasting about them we walk towards resolving them. We do not shy away from sitting with ourselves, instead we tend to look for more avenues to work through our insights. We learn, collaborate and start to express our gratitude towards people who help us become better at doing things we were unable to do, even if they are our competitors.

Becoming conscious helps us truly overcome our inadequacy, through various tools and practices.

Conscious Entrepreneurship helps us understand, that even though we are limited in one area, there is another area where we are completely unlimited. This is not an approach of becoming exclusive, instead it is about becoming inclusive of others and realise that we have the power to make ourselves adequate, abundant and unlimited.

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