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Experiencing ‘Who am I?’


Anaavaran literally means “peeling off layers”. Layers which have been restricting the expression of true self.

“Anaavaran” focuses entirely on the growth and evolution of the individual.

A program close to the hearts of Sameer and Shalini, the program takes in only a handful people in a year.

Anaavaran is based on the age old science of ‘Gyan Marg’ Understanding/ Study of the self.

Not many wish to embark on this journey and even fewer are able to walk the path and finally only very fortunate ones are able to reach the answer of “Who am I”.

But should this discourage the human race from even trying?

Sameer and Shalini conduct this program personally out of sheer compassion
towards fellow humans as they know that there is a way for humans to live a more conscious and joyful life.

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April 2021

Focus Area
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Hardly do we realise that in our day to day struggle, life is passing by us. We keep acting out of our fixed notions and convictions believing that some unseen forces will make everything right. Awareness is the stepping stone to consciousness.

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Merely knowing your limitations can be termed as awareness. We can be mindful of our limitations and still keep acting out of them. Consciousness demands going beyond our compulsions and reaching the core of who we are.

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We can never be joyful when we ourselves as limited. Joy comes when we are able to expand our horizons and break the shackles of our inner limitations. In anaavarn you are initiated into powerful meditations to help you do the same.


Clarity of Perceptions

Breaking Convictions

Becoming your own Guru

Finding your True Self

Understanding Others

Life of Deep Realizations

Ultimate Emotional Consciousness

Heal Hurting Emotions


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Who should attend

Anaavarn is a unique and rare offering. Only those people who are ready to take complete responsibility and charge of their own lives and have pressing questions towards life that need answers. One emerges from the program being more:

  • Empathetic
  • Clear
  • Grounded
  • Centered
  • Empowered
  • Loving
  • Evolved

Anaavaran Upcoming Batch

Registrations are open for next batch. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover your true self.
Selection is interview based, register yourself for an interview

Coming Soon..
91Springboard, B1/H3,
Mohan Cooperative Industrial Area, Mathura Road,
Block B, New Delhi, India, 110044

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Anaavaran is a year long program, and only one batch happens in a year.

    Anaavarn is a 20 session programs with an extremely adaptable flow to it depending upon the needs of the batch. It has a mix of offsites in paradise locations, and boardroom session along with full day practice sessions.

    There are 2 types of batches. The typical size of each batch is around 20 people.

    Open Batch: an open batch is one that we announce for individuals who want to succeed in life. Each candidate will be chosen in order to create a homogenous group, in order to maximise learning.
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    Anaavarn is a pure Meditative program and can only be conducted by realised masters.

    Sameer kamboj and Shalini Kamboj both are masters of the rare science of Gyan yog. Only they conduct these amazing, heartening yet intense sessions.

    The entire program is like a movie, you don’t want to miss a single minute of this. So the answer is yes! It is absolutely imperative to attend each session. But at the same time we understand that lives are unpredictable, thus the program schedule is set in a way that everyone can align their calendars to it.

    In order to know the price, please Enquire Now or call 9899803487.

    Abhishek Goel

    SKC for me means “Change of personality”


    SKC has transferred my vision towards life. I have become more of a person that I always wanted to be. All thanks to SKC team for mentoring done to me.

    Puneet Gupta

    Director, Finsys

    SKC – Sabse Kadak Course!! That a catalyst for change is available and it can affect you – it is difficult to believe. Thank you “SKC” for being the change catalyst.

    Upender Taneja

    EOS - Loved every bit of it and if applied it will change lives. It changed mine for certain!! Thanks a lot Shalini for your guidance. Gratefully yours.


    EPP from SKC is the best that could come to me in my life other than my wife. It was great fun & some real good awakening here. Thank you.

    Tarun Jain

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