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To Touch a Million Lives

SKC World is driven to create an era of Conscious, Compassionate and Joyful Entrepreneurship

Creating Empowered Organizations

SKC World is not your typical management consulting firm. Since the Year 1999 SKC World has been on this mission through which we help entrepreneurs master the science of Scaling Up and Success in their business and personal life, Joyfully. We have helped 1000s of entrepreneurs and businesses in India and across the world through our various patented and copyrighted concepts which are an amalgamation of the ancient Indian science of spirituality (gyan marg) along with the most simple and implementable entrepreneurship tools. We call it “Conscious EntrepreneurshipTM”.

We offer exceptional, unique, result oriented and implementable business solutions to entrepreneurs, business owners and CXO level professionals to not only help them grow their business but do this joyfully through:

At SKC we help you attain the absolute clarity on “what you really want” and help you achieve it in the simplest manner. Consciously…

Create an Era of “Conscious Entrepreneurship”
globally, by enabling business to achieve
Success & Scale, Joyfully.


SKC is on a mission to touch
a million lives.

Our Values
These 6 core values are what define SKC. Both what we offer to our clients as well as what each person at SKC stands by.


Consciousness simply means doing the “right things to get the right results”. When one is conscious he/she is automatically more aware about his/ her surroundings, is Compassionate, trustworthy, and has the courage to do the right thing, and work towards reaching their true potential.


The basic essence of entrepreneurship is initiative beyond duty, ownership beyond the description and responsibility.


Growth in an organization is possible only when everyone grows together. When everyone works through cooperation and not with competitiveness.
“Sahnavavtu Sahnaubhunaktu
Sahviryam karvavhe
Tejasvinavadhitmastu maavid vishavahe
Aum shanti shanti shanti”


Joyfulness is not the end result. But the basic ingredient of success. Only when we invest joy we are able to reap the returns multifold.


A single act done with willingness makes it a pleasant experience and we participate in it with our heart and soul and anything done against our will becomes a punishment.


The only competition for ‘me’ is ‘me’. If I am in the pursuit of becoming a better person and excel in every endeavour of mine, I am evolving and that’s what matters the most.

SKC’s approach is pillared on
5 principles
Derived from the experience of an intense process of


Our Leadership
HS Rana
Associate Partner

AT SKC everyone works on the basic principle of joy. You too can become joyful.

Explore Careers
Ashish Sharma
Manager – Business Excellence & Facilitator
Divya Muraleedhar
Lead – Growth Team
Amit Sharma
Team Lead – Global Tax Operations
Vidit Kamboj
Head – Marketing & Communications
Udit Jain
Senior Manager – Compliance & Taxation
Mansi Kohli Jain
Senior Manager – Legal and Secretarial
Manager – Compliance
Team lead – Accounts
skc team member

Sameer Kamboj is Conscious Entrepreneur and the founder of SKC.World, a company that aims to plant the seed of consciousness in entrepreneurship. SKC uses consulting, coaching, mentoring, masterclasses and events to achieve its goal of touching a million lives.

Sameer is the co-author of ‘the possibilities of potential’ with Shalini Kamboj. He is a mentor to 1000s of entrepreneurs across the globe and aims to help people live life consciously and with abundance with their eyes open.

skc team member

As a Partner – Business Excellence at SKC World, Akshay is a coach and provides Finance and Sales expertise to entrepreneurs in building conscious organizations. Having more than 15 years of experience in the fields of Financial Analysis, Sales Strategies, Relationship Management, Team Building, and Succession Planning, he leads several advisory cases and heads the Business Development team at SKC.

As a Management Consultant, Akshay has been working closely with small and medium enterprises at the founder level, helping them scale up through change in culture and operating systems starting at the intent level. He is assisting entrepreneurs in building strategies in the areas of Sales, Business Development,and Entrepreneurial Finance.

Akshay is passionate about creating ecosystems for enterprises, wherein they flourish through Consciousness, Collaboration, and through Inclusiveness.

skc team member

As a Partner - People Excellence at SKC World, Chaitanya is an experienced Consulting Partner and Coach with a demonstrated history of working in the Management Consulting industry. Chaitanya believes that change is the only constant in life and once that is accepted, the journey becomes smooth. He is a Chartered Accountant since 2009 and completed his B.Com (Hons) from Delhi University.

His current role involves coaching entrepreneurs on scaling up their organizations consciously. He also coaches many senior leaders and mid-level managers across industries and organizations in being more productive, successful, and joyful. He conducts many workshops within India and with international audiences including that in GGI. Chaitanya also heads the compliance practice in SKC World. He had single-handedly set up operations for the outsourcing of accounting and taxation work from the USA and Canada in SKC.

Chaitanya works with people through empathy and manages large teams and clients through a process-driven approach. He also conducts leadership and transformational programs for senior management of organizations. Apart from professional life, he likes to play guitar, follow football and the latest trends in technology. He desires to keep exploring life and himself to achieve his full potential, while simultaneously helping people to achieve their true potential and “Be More”.

skc team member

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