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Anantah Quarterly 2023


SKC Program Updates

From the desk of Shalini and Sameer Kamboj

I remember the time when your ticket to being powerful was by being exclusive. You could either be born with a silver spoon or you could become an industrialist, an early term for an entrepreneur. You could also acquire power by being a technocrat or a bureaucrat with more access to education.

Those who couldn’t be any of these would serve either the rich or the masses like doctors, lawyers, teachers, CAs, engineers, architects, designers, and the like.

And then there were the least powerful mortals who simply served the more powerful. Meanwhile, education was never a pre-requisite to become a politician, which is another tangent altogether.

Education, or the lack thereof, has always been a factor in determining power dynamics. Your sense of power could be your own individual definition It could range from living at peace with yourself in isolation to lording over the Universe. We define xclusivity in our own unique ways.

Exclusive Education is a pursuit of specialised knowledge and skills that lead to an exclusive level of expertise. There is never anything wrong with seeking education, whether one’s intent is conscious or unconscious.

An unconscious person seeks to become exclusive. A conscious one seeks to become inclusive. That’s where true power lies.

Exclusive people try to extract and hoard power, inclusive one’s work towards empowering themselves and others. They distribute power and surround themselves with powerful people by making them more powerful than themselves. They connect with people for a selfless purpose and help them fin meaning and cause in their lives.

But unfortunately, most people pursue education for the sake of exclusivity.

Entrepreneurs are a powerful force in the present and future world. If you wish to be one or want your children to become one, then teach them to be inclusive and connect with humanity at large.

The team of the immediate future will consist of millennials and Gen Z. They will not be swayed by power or wealth, nor will they be impressed by lineage, position, degrees, travels, language proficien y, or even knowledge.

They all have these and more. If I talk about India, then the millenials and Gen Z will always come from the new urban centres (since all villages will soon be modern urban places). Your child’s ability to connect with them is what will matter. Education, whether obtained in an expensive or exclusive school, or even the number of books read (online or offline), is not the sole de erminant of success. We need to remember that Lord Rama went to a gurukul where the four princes studied with common folks and learnt to connect and engage with them. That was what they were learning.

Krishna went to Maharishi Sandipani’s Ashram, where he developed the ability to connect and engage with fellow learners, such as Sudama.

Abdul Kalam and Lal Bahadur Shastri did not attend exclusive schools and neither did Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi. Even Albert Einstein went to a common school called Gymnasium in those days and taught himself most of the things. In fact, he was rebelling against the rote system of education even in those days.

If you wish your children to be truly powerful, teach them about inclusiveness NOW. Exclusivity will not lead them anywhere but into deep suffering. They need to learn the ways to connect with humans. They need to see how people live, feel, think and behave. They need to learn to accept and embrace them. They need to learn how to realise their own potential and help others do that.

Your education must now be geared more than ever towards engaging with people who hold different values, lifestyles, convictions, and beliefs than your own. This is an essential part of life. Without this learning, you may be literate, but your knowledge and understanding will remain limited

From the Coach’s Desk

Appraisals and Organisation’s growth goes hand in hand Article

Appraisal is what brings growth to the company and takes the organisation one step ahead, but it also comes with a lot of emotions and organisational changes. Members of the organisation harbour a lot of expectations before the appraisals — monetary benefits vertical growth to a higher designation, and more. After the announcement of appraisals, the emotions of rejections, dissatisfaction come into picture.

Even the founders and senior management are not untouched by this cycle of emotions. There are emotions of anxiety, self-doubt, confusion, and procrastination at times, while they experience a rush of anger and guilt after the appraisal. Considering the experience of these emotions year after year, appraisals often become a fearful or an avoidable activity and promoters try to escape from the situation…

In my view, one of the major reasons for this emotional cycle is that we link appraisals with monetary benefits and vertical/ designation hike, and it affects both the appraiser and the appraisee.

Questions that the appraiser faces or tries to resolve are:

  • What more designation could be offered when there are no available positions at higher levels?
  • Is salary hike economically viable for the company for the same workload?

The appraisal cycle starts with the promoters itself — what more or higher responsibilities is the promoter willing to take up the next year. The responsibilities include process innovation, automation of processes, expansion of capabilities, culture building, and more.

Appraisals should be a horizontal expansion of roles and responsibilities rather than a vertical movement and it should start from the promoters/ founders. Identify the areas that have become low payoff for the promoters and could be performed better by someone else. These activities could either be performed by one person or could be split between more people. The capabilities of the existing team members could be mapped to perform such activities, which will lead to both horizontal growth and appraisal of team members.

There is a possibility that existing team members may not have the capability to take up the desired level of work. In such cases, fresh hiring requirements can be assessed, which can clear the path of appraisals of the existing team members as well.

Suggested steps towards appraisals:

  • Goal planning for the next year and the action steps to be taken to accomplish the goals.
  • Listing of existing activities being performed by a promoter.
  • Identifying the activities that need to be performed by the promoter to accomplish annual goals.
  • Identifying the LPAs that can be performed by other team members more effectively.
  • Mapping these activities with the capabilities of the existing team members and reviewing if these activities are giving horizontal growth to the team members.
  • In case the required capability does not exist in the current team then it is a clear indication towards organisational restructuring.
  • The same process needs to be followed for the senior leadership team.

Essentials of SuccessTM January 2023 Batch | Final Sharing

Another young and vibrant batch of participants graduated and shared their journey of selfrealizations and how they worked on their realizations for the good!

Being able to witness a true version of oneself and living it each day feels like an achievement! Isn’t it?

As we walk on this path of evolution, let us always be joyful and spread consciousness around. Congratulations to the Participants of the Essential of Success Batch who have successfully graduated and are set on their journey of living a consciousness and joyful life.

Disha Prabhakar, Mamta Parashar, Geet Kumar, Priya Sharma, Shubham Uprit, Divya, Ankur Sharma, Harshit Singh Arora

Puneet Kaushik, Kunal Deshbhartar, Vishakha Gupta, Krishan KR Vishwakarma, Mineshwar Prasad ,Rishan KR Vishwakarma, Kapil Kumar, Manish Arora, Divya Shrivas, Avikarsh Bhatnagar, Bhushan Barde, Shyam Kishor

Anaavaran WorkshopTM In-Person with Mentors

Time and again we have heard or have been told-
“Control your emotions”,
“Take charge of yourself”
“Do not React!”
“Be conscious”

We all know it’s easier said than done!

Through the Anaavaran Workshop, you get the precise answers,/ methods, and practices to not only deal with these emotions but also actively resolve them in your life, leading you to a life of absolute Joy!

Another batch of people recently embarked on a journey of self-discovery and joy through our latest in-person Anaavaran Workshop last week.

Conscious Entrepreneurship ProgramTM September 2022 Batch | Final Sharings

Solitude to engagement
Intellectual mode to unlearning
Victim mode to finding meaning
There is a clear change in self-image!
Now, I want to live a more expressed life!” – said one of the Entrepreneurs!

Such powerful stories of how entrepreneurs have been able to redesign their lives beautifully by making small, yet significant changes!

Oh yes! Another batch of entrepreneurs have completed their Conscious Entrepreneurship Program and are set on their journey to being present in life joyfully and doing the right things.

We wish you evolution and sthirtha to keep walking on this path joyfully!

Sameer Kamboj Chaitanya Kumar Divya Muraleedhar Arif Khan Wajid Farhan Ashmita Das Niral Shah

Parul Shrivastava Manav Kohli Ravi Churiwala CA ZOHA SULTAN Rishika Bhargava Darshan Shah Vidit Kamboj Manisha Gupta Joceline Joshy Nitish Krishnatrey

Creating Happiness and Managing Emotions Is it possible?

Why not?

A session on ‘Conscious Entrepreneurship: Creating Happiness and Managing Emotions’ was conducted for RKB International team where 25 team members along with the management attended the session.

It was overwhelming to see the receptiveness of the team on getting exposed to the concept of Conscious Entrepreneurship, where they got glimpses into the possibility of creating happiness and managing emotions.

To seed in the idea that “you are the entrepreneur of your own life” will just drive you in ways that you could not have imagined, and this kept the energy high!

All of them reflected and wrote what they wanted to produce for themselves and at work. These small steps of taking ownership of how you want your life to be is what will do all the magic!

To many more such associations and to building conscious enterprises with conscious leaders!!

Thank you, Rajesh Vajir, Mehul Vajir, Rahul Vajir, and your entire team for allowing the path of consciousness to unravel in your organisation!

Enhancing Productivity at work and joy in Life Is it possible?

A session on ‘Enhancing Productivity at work and joy in Life’ was conducted at AVANTI OVERSEAS PVT LTD where 30+ members with management participated and engaged enthusiastically.

The concept of how productivity and joy are intertwined, and how they can be derived from various activities in life, was introduced to the participants and met with great enthusiasm. The whole concept of how the process works in a cycle was explained.

Thank you, Raghav Modi, AVANTI OVERSEAS PVT, LTD, and Devika for inviting us over for a very engaging session.

To many more such associations and to building conscious enterprises with conscious leaders!!

Improve Gut Health SKC Health Campaign 2023

An unhealthy gut gives rise to many health issues!!

Bloating, frequent stomach upset, acidity and digestion issues are some common problems….

How to improve Gut Health was so beautifully explained by Ms. Pooja Bhargava, a certified Nutritionist, Founder, Fun 4 Fitness. She is our very own SKC Grad – full of life and love. She is always willing to share her pearls of wisdom on Nutrition.

“Her USP is using the kitchen as a chemist and treating most of the ailments not with a pill but herbs, spices, and lots of positivity.” – who wouldn’t want this??

This talk was organised as part of the Health Campaign run at SKC World, and every part of the session was super informative.

One quick giveaway from the session:

“Vitamin C is a great stress buster – Give yourself a quick dose of Vitamin C after any stressful meeting! and see how the energy in you gets revived! and of course Sadhana is a NOT TO MISS routine!”

Thank you, Pooja Ji, for bringing clarity on how we all can be ‘Health Conscious’ by doing simple things in simple ways!!

Connect with SKC Value

I’m grateful for the conducive environment that SKC.World has provided for me, it makes me enjoy my
work and also encourages to give my best.

“In Weak companies politics win, in strong companies best ideas win” – Steve Jobs.

SKC.World is the best example of a clean environment to work and show the best of oneself, being creative and putting ideas into action is always appreciated here. It has succeeded in establishing a culture where employee can feel that they are a part of mission unlike any other typical job.

One of the most important pillars of SKC.World is that it ensures an atmosphere of Mutual respect. Hierarchy may exist, but everyone is respected for their contribution. “Wins” are celebrated together, regardless of title or department.

It is filled with Good Energy, which permeates across the company and is almost tangible.

It is well known for the work life balance, which is not possible if “Fun” is missing. It always takes care of their employees’ mental and physical well-being by indulging them into many activities to achieve that.

Last but not the least, my awesome teammates, who are knowledgeable and always supportive.

I feel privileged to be a part of this fantastic organisation!!!



Curious to know what’s happening inside SKC? 2023

Let’s see what happened outside of the offi e this time!

We had the pleasure of spending three days in beautiful, lush green Dehradun with the whole SKC Team.

Over the course of three days, there were fun engagement activities, excursion to the strawberry farm, where we had the opportunity to hand pick strawberries and eat them fresh, and, of course, trekking, which was another enriching experience. We had the opportunity to bond, relax, and recharge ourselves amid nature and experience tranquillity.

While enjoying the stunning views and vibrant energy of this incredible destination, we also welcomed our new SKC members and introduced them to the SKC culture.

From team building activities to delicious dinners, it was a weekend filled with un orgettable memories.

We are still not over it!

Holi ke rang, SKC walo ke sang !

Like every year, we played a joyful and safe Holi with ‘chandan’, which added to the whole essence of rang. Enjoyed delicious gujiyas and celebrated with lots of laughter. This holi, the emphasis was on identifying and burning away unconscious habits, limitations, and compulsions and celebrate the possibility of a beautiful, holistic and conscious life.

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