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Anantah August 2022


SKC Program Updates


From the desk of Shalini and Sameer Kamboj


Remaining calm in conflicts has been the goal of many people. “How do I maintain my calm when I’m boiling from the inside?” is a question I’ve been asked many times. I also meet those people who’ve mastered the tact of remaining calm in conflicts. “I never lose my cool or raise my voice in any situation of conflict”, they say. Both have lost their sanity, in my view. Both have entered the game of clash of personalities.


Conflict is a situation of disagreement between two or more people with a certain conviction or belief. Emotions get charged up leading to a sudden or gradual loss of control resulting in either overexpression (through words, gestures or physical body movements) or forced suppression. This is the nature of the conflict. When you read the above carefully, where is the scope of calmness anywhere in this situation? You’re a ticking time bomb, waiting for your turn to explode. You could explode even out of turn . The moment conflict begins, reactions start getting created inside human heads. Slowly these reactions spread and start becoming the predominant emotion. Now, all human faculties are under siege. Either this emotion will break all your defenses and result in the expression of reactions or will remain within the boundaries but will keep lurking at the fringes, waiting to leak.


1. Silent treatment is one method used in conflicts. One stops speaking and ensures that the other one knows that they are being ignored. This is not disengagement. In fact this is an active negative engagement. Until the time the other person does not get irritated and react, the silent treatment continues.
2. Innocent Humiliation is used when you say something innocently to that person in the presence of other people in a manner that reveals the truth about that person in public. This is more like public shaming. The other person is sometimes left red-faced and sometimes this is designed to trigger a particular reaction. Sally has a habit of carrying homemade food whenever she goes out for work. Joe is in conflict with this idea of home food at work. When sitting amongst some clients when they are breaking for lunch, Joe makes an innocent public remark, “Will you also be joining us over lunch and eat what we eat?” This innocent-looking question is a leak, the context of which both Sally and Joe understand. For other people, it has opened a question where they will now ask Sally, why will she not consider joining them for Lunch? or does she have a problem in eating normal food?, or even a question like, are you well Sally?, why won’t you eat what we all will eat?
3. Sarcasm is another method that leaks the reactions under the construct of conflicts. A statement by Joe in this case may be on the lines like, “Well, Sally won’t be eating the same food like we, mortals, consume” or “What healthy and divine food have you brought today Sally?” or “Sally, it seems the healthy food is not doing you too well, you seem to be losing the shine that you normally have when you eat normal food like all of us.”
4. Sniggering Jokes is a method where Sarcasm and Innocent Humiliation are combined. This is again done publicly. These are usually the worst of all the forms. If objected to, Joe can turn around and put the entire blame on Sally by calling her oversensitive and further extending this behavior of harassment through jokes. If Sally will confront him he will simply claim innocence and blame Sally of being devious and misinterpreting his sense of humor. This is the most covert form of behavior of people in inner conflicts.


Why don’t we examine a 3rd method? What if we started working on our own convictions and examined our limitations caused by those? What if we made a clear choice that we will not Disengage or cause negative Engagements and each time we experience this, we will look within and overcome another one of our limiting beliefs or convictions? There are times when you can witness the hardened beliefs and convictions of other people. When you have actively examined your own beliefs and convictions, you kind of start respecting other people for the limitations they live with, so long as they choose to remain within their closed or Ego driven mind. People live with beliefs and convictions. These are their survival tools. Allow them to survive. If your focus will be on how to enhance engagement with people, you will exit the mental situation of conflicts and probably help others do that too.


Check your behavior patterns for the leaks above. Work on yourself. You will never be able to remain calm in any conflict, so drop the pretense. Best is to work on your beliefs and convictions so that there are no Conflicts. Life is too abundant and can embrace all of us in all our forms. Read this article carefully and allow stimulation of your own convictions and beliefs. Your mind will either accept the above or will tend to question or reject it. Watch your reactions carefully. If you deem fit, share with me and others. It may help someone, you never know .

From the Coach’s Desk

Tools for an Entrepreneur:
Assessing My Working Capital

My profession as a business coach requires me to meet with entrepreneurs regularly. Hence, drawing from my years of experience, I have identified on-time delivery of goods to be one of the many challenges that an entrepreneur faces. Inconsistent or irregular delivery not only impacts the flow of funds but also influences the sales cycle of the business. Inconsistent Deliveries impact the business in some of the following ways:


Delay in delivery is an outcome of process lapse and inconsistent communication within the organization. Conscious enterprises that follow the process of Turnaround Time (TAT) normally deliver on time and are able to maintain relationship levels with their customers.


TAT requires breaking down the scope of work to its finest details and assigning timelines to each activity. These are budgeted timelines and require constant review by adding the actual dates against each activity. To understand this concept better, let us take the example of a project-based business that is into the installation of conveyor belts. The entire process of installing a conveyor belt is subdivided into finer steps: designing, sharing of design to the concerned team members, procurement of material (for instance: electrical panel), fabrication of material, dispatch of material, assembly of equipment and commissioning. After each of the above-mentioned processes is divided into smaller parts, every operation is allocated a certain amount of time and mapped with the actual time it takes to complete that operation. During the analysis, it is imperative to find the time it takes between two procedures,to determine where precisely the delay is happening. Following this method, makes it possible to identify and inform the concerned stakeholders, enabling them to take instant corrective action steps rather than waiting until the end and being caught completely unaware. Proper and well-timed communication of delay to the client even lets them manage their operations.


1. Problem-solving (rather than crisis management). The team members should timely update the development of the project.
2. Regular review of data and reports.
3. Clear communication
Following the above-mentioned process of TAT religiously can rid organizations from the hassle of inconsistent deliveries.


“Creating Life Balance vs Creating Success” at Macmerise

An insightful session was conducted on “Creating Life Balance vs Creating Success” at Macmerise by Chaitanya Kumar. The session was indeed an eye-opener for everybody. Chaitanya explained that success results from striking the right balance between one’s “business time, family time, and personal time” and “being physically and mentally present” while working. He also explained to everyone the various factors that affect one’s success. The team at Macmerise sincerely thanked Chaitanya Kumar and Sahil Shah for organizing such a thought-provoking, vital session and is looking forward to more such insightful sessions.


Conscious Entrepreneurship ProgramTM January 2022 Batch Final Sharings

A batch of 13 entrepreneurs from diverse industries graduated with profound epiphanies that were absolutely heartwarming. The final sharing transpired in Mumbai over a span of two days, on the 1st and 2nd of June 2022. It was a sight to behold as participants radiated sheer joy while walking everyone else through their respective Conscious Entrepreneurship Program Journey. Furthermore, it was strikingly evident how each one of them progressed a step closer to themselves.

Congratulations to Nikhil Purohit, Avdhesh Sharma, Rishi Kajaria, Sooryakant Chavaan, Rahul Mehta, Bindiya Agrawal, Rushab Shah, Gokul Krishna, Vijay Kumar, Dina Mukherjee, Sahil Purav, Rachit Shah, Ayesha R Goyal.


Essentials of Success (EOS) April 2022 Batch Final Sharings

A batch of 10 participants belonging to varied industries such as healthcare, insurance, architecture,and tech, completed their two-month journey of self-reflection. Each participant had a moment of epiphany, which they shared with everyone. The realizations were so profound that they touched everyone present. The courage exhibited by the participants to candidly express their realizations was truly commendable. All in all, there was so much love and acceptance that everyone could feel it. While we all bid goodbye today, our hearts heavily reminded us of our school/college farewell! It’s sweet how a short span of time can build such a bond and connection! So today, another batch has joined the cause of spreading Consciousness through their actions, thoughts, and deeds! Congratulations and all the best to Aaditya Vasnik, Sushila , Srinithi PS, Rishi Vashishth, Deeksha Garg, Anmol Chauhan, Sumeet Dugar, Shiva Gupta, Swetha Palivela and Sumit Sharma. We root for organizations and leaders who are walking on the path of Consciousness and have ensured that they pass down this treasury to their team members – Vitraya, Novarch, Techzart, Chirayu, Mrinal Sinha, Manisha Gupta, Atul Goyal, Deepthi Nemani, Ankur Srivastava, Mohit Choudhary, Manu Goel, Nishant Goel and Narsimha Rao Sunku.

Envisioning Workshop in the laps of Ganges June 29- July 2, 2022

The Envisioning Workshop took place from June 29- July 2, 2022, with 23 Conscious Entrepreneurs participating to ignite their core and align intent with their purpose.It may sound intense, but the simplicity with which the participants identified their personal purpose and vision was delightful to witness! The calm and joy of getting there were so overwhelming that bliss and happiness could be seen on their faces. The participants reflected on their life and the purpose of what they were doing. They realized the importance of having clarity in their life’s purpose since it directly related to the vision of their business. Many of the participants decided to completely pivot their business models with the ultimate purpose of achieving their business vision over the next 3 to 6 years. Furthermore, the participants created a detailed action plan for their annual goals and subgoals. Since the participants were initiated into powerful Gyan Yog practices, it enabled the right energies for this alignment to happen. The serenity of the Ganges and the beauty of nature only added to the spiritual energy. It felt like all elements came together for wonderful things to happen. It was a unique experience that left everyone spellbound!

This workshop really helped us. There were a lot of times, a lot of things that you build in your head. There is a lot of confusion while building it in your head, but when we have to sit and write it down, it’s when everything becomes so much clearer, and I am very excited to go and implement it.

Before coming to the workshop, I used to be a big skeptic of the SKC World and all the teaching that happened here; now, I am converted from a skeptic to a more conscious person. A lot of things that are taught here which probably unconsciously we already are aware of, but we don’t consciously keep thinking about them in every moment of our daily life; that’s what I learned here.

I am here at the envisioning workshop in Rishikesh with the SKC team. My key takeaway is that I realized that, so far, I have been putting in a lot of effort and work, however, in a very unorganized manner. Coming to the envisioning workshop has given me a purpose and vision; now, I hope I know what I am doing and why I am doing it. I came here with my partner, so that gave us immense clarity on the direction that we want our company to go into, and we are hoping that the vision we have created here, we will be able to achieve that particular vision in days to come. Thank you, Sameer Ji, to all the SKC team for guiding us and hand-holding us for the entire journey.

“The way it’s been prepared from simple, basic questions leading to amazing vision and purpose. In terms of implementation and execution – making us believe that we will be doing it, it will be done with us and reminding us of something that we did not even believe in. And, because of all this, we now believe that it will be done. And finally, the support from the group and the energy is amazing. Thanks to Sameer and Shalini for this.”

I am so overwhelmed with the experience I had over the last 2-3 days, staying with so many beautiful people and everyone sharing their vision, purpose, and what they want to do in their life, which also helped me find my vision. So I am very grateful to the SKC team, Sameer Ji, and Shalini Ji, and I would never miss such an opportunity if I get it in the future, and yes, that is pretty much it. I was struggling to find my purpose in this field. Now that I have attended this workshop, I think I have found the path. I have not found complete clarity on what I want to do, but now I have a direction that can bring me that clarity, and I’m very hopeful for that.

When I came for the Envisioning Workshop, I didn’t know what I would be able to get from here. There were high level talks about numbers which I did not understand and Sameer ji told that I need not bother, as numbers are not the path for me. That I would need to search more within. I thought hard and dug deeper, to realize my path forward through the following keywords – vision, human potential, collaborations, and growth opportunity. I see abundance and so much that can be done with that abundance. I can say, with pride, that I have found what else can be done by me and what’s the path towards it. I am a grateful soul today.

So this course has actually been a real defining moment because the last few months I have been struggling with my ideas and thoughts, and with my business, and honestly, when I came to know about the course, I jumped in
because I did not know what else to do. What were the answers? And how to find those answers after all the readings? Speaking to people and everything was just amazing! There were wow moments. There were moments when I realized all the answers which were there. I just needed that guidance, those tools this beautiful program has. And how Sameer Ji took us through the course and gave me all the answers I had been struggling with for the last three months. I would say everyone should do the course. Sadly I can’t do it for the next three years.

Before we came for the envisioning workshop, I always used to have ideas in my head, I needed to do something great and different, and I was always chasing things that were not in my control, so with the workshop, there is simplicity and clarity. During the process, certain things emerged, and our vision was realized; in that vision, there is a potential to become bigger and to contribute to so many things in life. That is the biggest takeaway we got from the workshop. One key thing that happened was the role reversal between my brother and me; we were trying to persuade him to do something he didn’t want to do, which is the role he now has. He is very joyful with that role; that is the biggest takeaway that we are having.

The one thing that I got from this course is a lot of clarity, I think most of us who had come here, were looking for answers outside, and we were thinking someone will find us, guide us and tell us what we need to do in our lives but I think from day one it was very clear that the answers were inside us, within us. And it was from that clarity that we could come up with our personal vision and chart out the way forward for our life.

My key takeaway from the program is basically the clarity it brings to you after going through these forms, and it is your vision that you are able to see, and that vision is so clear that you can visualize where you will be in three or five years. The only thing left is that you need to start implementing on a weekly, daily, and monthly basis to achieve the goals and vision you have created. Living your purpose so it does not become a burden on you is a joyful journey which  you will start after this.

Well it has been a wonderful 3-day workshop! It is the first time that I have attended such a workshop, but it has been worth it. Though initially it looked very strenuous – 6 AM till late evening, but when I see the outcome of the workshop specifically from my personal and professional point of view, I think it is worth it. I think it is going to be useful but how to implement it and to ensure that there is a continuity of what we have learned over here, remains a challenge. I think they will be able to hand hold us in executing and perfecting this further. I am very happy with the kind of arrangement that was made. It was worth listening to Sameer Ji and Shalini Ji on various aspects. I think it’s going to help us a lot and thanks to all the volunteers and coaches during this time, I know it’s a very hard life but I think it’s worth spending some time. Thank you, my best wishes and keep in touch.

Retreats like these are extremely priceless. They give us the opportunity to step aside from our day-to-day life and look at ourselves from a perspective, and besides, we are also in the company of similar people who are struggling with life in a similar manner; that’s extremely encouraging to listen to them, and get inspired by their lives and struggles. Sameer Ji and Shalini Ji’s leadership makes this retreat deeply meaningful; it sort of enables us to look deeply into our own persona, lives, and souls, so to say, and be centered, be humbled and develop a larger purpose for which we feel that we are merely an instrument. To this extent. I go back with a sense of purpose and a sense of humility.

The workshop we attended was blissful, and one thing that I really take away from here is that it’s only going to make me grow, so that’s what the key word here is – grow.

Practice Refresher Session 12

The Practice Refreshers Session 12 took place on 5th June 2022 from 9 to 10:30 am with super participation. Thank you for attending the Refreshers and for actively asking questions. It’s always wonderful to see the grads open up and ask so many questions in the Q&A session with Sameer Kamboj Sir and Shalini Kamboj Ma’am. Let us all regularly do our practices and be ready with our questions for the next refresher. To the ones who missed this time, we look forward to seeing you in the next Practice Refresher session.

Starting Up From Campus Transformational Growth Journey!

Gurgaon-based BML Munjal University has helped set up 15 start-up ventures by its alumni students, and Prof Davinder Singh, CEO, foresees this happening multifold in the coming time. Read the article to know more about it.

Insider Stories

SKC Foundation Day

“SKC World was ideated on March 12, 1995, and founded on July 4, 1999. SKC World has persistently worked towards the realization of a simple vision…offering self-actualization to intelligent minds so they lead joyful lives. Astute minds question and doubt but also explore. However, once they master the methods of self-actualization, they build happy enterprises. We call it Conscious Entrepreneurship. Yesterday we celebrated our 23rd year and still feel elated to have been surrounded by countless enterprises and people who have evolved. Gratitude to this day that we began this arduous but courageous journey. And as the tradition continues, our celebration is complete only when all of us are together. Enjoying a scrumptious meal as one big family and, most importantly, reflecting on what consciousness means for each of us were some of the most memorable moments.  Congratulations to all of us who have taken up this flag of Conscious Entrepreneurship and are walking this path with dignity and courage. ”

Connect with the SKC values

Joyfulness is one of the most important factors for an organization. It is the feeling of openness, belongingness, and willingness; SKC provides me with all these things. I started working with SKC in November 2020. Compared to my previous experiences, the culture I found in SKC is admirable – one can not find it anywhere else. In my two-year experience at SKC, I have seen that SKC works as one unit – the people are always there for each other. Also, there is transparency between all levels which makes people feel valued and offers a clear understanding of the company’s vision. This transparency also offers us a clear understanding of the SKC vision. SKC does not believe in theory but believes in making things happen. The first company that provides twenty minutes for meditation and yoga amidst working hours. Sameer Sir always says, “party hard and work harder.” SKC celebrates every moment of happiness. We celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries of every member of SKC. Also, SKC provides lots of opportunities for participation. If you are joyful by nature, you will do your best, and that is all that matters.”.

Curious to know what’s happening inside SKC?


Udit Jain, CA, joined SKC in 2015, and since then, the journey has only been forward-looking. Last month he decided to move on to pursue new growth opportunities. Change of place causes no change in relationships; the bond remains! SKC family wishes Udit all the very best in all his endeavors! Prosper and Shine!

The co-working space arranged a blood donation drive, and three employees from SKC World and one from GT Cargo decided to donate blood, understanding the value and the impact of the act they are participating in. All of them expressed so much joy and contentment after donating blood, motivating others to participate in donation drives in the future. Being healthy is a blessing, but being a blessing by donating blood is supreme! Let’s all do our bit.

I am Ayush Pandey, pursuing a Master’s degree from Chandigarh University in Finance and Marketing. I joined SKC World in New Delhi. SKC World mainly focuses on Conscious Entrepreneurship Programs. At my internship, I started improving my skills and learning by observing what everybody else was doing and seeing what I could learn from their work. I worked here as a summer intern. My six-week internship allowed me to grow personally, but it also helped me gain new skills in basic accounting and marketing, an experience I did not previously have. I also gained a better understanding of the Consulting industry, made a new network, and gained a couple of references for the future. But most importantly, I gained a new sense of professionalism and a clearer view of what it meant to be in the professional world. So, I would advise everyone to take the opportunity and pursue an internship, even if it is not necessarily in the industry you wish to work in. There is so much to gain on both professional and personal fronts. The most amazing and unique thing that I experienced at SKC is that it is an organization that gives immense importance to their People and Culture. We enjoyed a lot of fun activities related to health. Also, we used to have snacks in the evening daily. The organization’s culture and the atmosphere is amazing as I have worked in a few organizations earlier, but I never felt this level of satisfaction anywhere until now. The working style at SKC is totally different from other organizations; here, the working style is denoted by a cool and relaxed atmosphere, which undeniably helped me enhance my productivity. I would like to thank my mentor Ms. Divya Muraleedhar for her constant guidance, support, and motivation. The support I was provided with during my internship was overwhelming, and the work environment was amazing. I am also thankful to all the members of SKC World for their support and guidance.

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