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Anantah January 2023


SKC Program Updates

From the desk of Shalini and Sameer Kamboj

Happiness is quite an elusive thing. People seek it simply because they feel an absence of happiness. We often confuse happiness with pleasures, and pursue those in the illusion that pleasures will provide happiness. Eventually, we realize that those pleasures were not only transient, but they also ushered in several side effects. It’s almost like bringing home a piece of extremely beautiful wood filled with termites. While the outer beauty attracts, the termite slowly eats into not just the beauty but also the quality of the wood.

Pleasures are of 3 types: 

1. Sensory Pleasures
2. Intellectual Pleasures
3. Pleasures of the energy

We live with the perception that we will experience happiness through acquiring these pleasures. But those who acquire these pleasures know the truth behind it.

With sensory pleasures we become an addict and keep seeking a high through having more and more of it. Senses may be of touch, visual, taste, smell, or hearing. The more we like something, the more we dislike and abandon things we find unpleasant. The more pleasant we feel, the greater our desire gets, while the impact of these pleasures on us keeps reducing. Take the example of sexuality, smoking, alcohol, drugs, money, home, or even food. You crave for all of these once you get to experience them. Your mind remains fixated on having them again and again.

Those addicted to sugar become totally helpless in front of desserts. Those addicted to spicy food keep salivating at the very thought of it. Alcohol craving starts as soon as the Sun begins to set on the horizon. Those addicted to money keep coming up with new schemes and scams to earn more even when they already have enough. Once addicted to sex, your craving for it grows and so does your imagination.

Intellectual pleasures boost our ego and stroke our sense of identity. The more we have it, the more we want it, and the more we feel insecure about being challenged about it. You derive a sense of power through these and once you experience Power, it is difficult to let go.

We could draw Intellectual pleasures through a variety of acts and circumstances. We draw a sense of superiority and power in such possible situations:
a. Becoming recognized Industry leaders
b. Being treated as mentors and / or coaches
c. Getting recognized as social influencers
d. Being treated as celebrities
e. Becoming rich, famous and powerful
f. Becoming a bureaucrat
g. Becoming a doctor or professionals like lawyers, CAs, architects, engineers, etc.
h. Considering ourselves amongst experienced people who have seen life and now feel that we know a lot about it
i. Educated or well-read people
j. By belonging to a certain state, caste, culture or section of the social order
k. By holding our morals and values as our convictions, and more

These pleasures can make narcissists out of us. Our egotistical approaches cause disengagement leading to varying states of depression and loneliness. In pursuit of exclusivity, we exclude everyone from our lives. We stop being authentic to lead an inclusive joyful life.

Pleasures of the Energy are those spiritual pleasures that make us delusional at a certain point. Meditation, yoga, pranayama, and the like get pursued as life fixes and we end up boosting our own sense of identity that is now pranayama, etc. get pursued as life fixes and intelligent that other people are beneath us! Those ordinary mortals… huh!!

This does not result in happiness. On the contrary, these pleasures end up making us suffer more.

Is pleasure to blame? Shall we stop seeking pleasures? Shall we become monks or ascetics? Are desires bad? Such thoughts are normal and when we do not find suitable answers to these questions, we go back to the same old grind.

The blame does not lie with pleasures or us seeking those. It lies with the narrative and perception that obtaining those pleasures leads to a state of happiness.

As we wish you all a Happy 2023, we wish upon you the insight to realize your true source of Happiness. We urge you to pursue knowledge and practices that bring you in touch with that source. Once there, you will experience everlasting happiness without losing yourself in these pleasures. Your mindless race to acquire possessions to merely trigger your energy, senses or intellect will cease.

Yes it is possible to be Happy. It is possible to be Joyful. It is possible to live in a perpetual pleasant state without any kind of intoxicants, lust or power.

Seek the source of Happiness that lies within you.
Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy 2023.

From the Coach’s Desk

“Is It Possible To Align On Organization’s Vision and Goals?” Article

We often see that businesses are built on the dreams of one or more founders. In many cases, they started out as compulsions or stumbled upon a business opportunity, which they were able to encash. After years of work, the businesses grow, teams grow, and the need to expand arises.

There comes an inflection point when the founder(s) realize that taking their organization to the next phase of growth won’t be possible without the active involvement of top leaders in owning the goals, and participating in defining the vision.

This is where the trouble begins. The thought of alignment itself brings forth many thoughts and questions for the founder:

  • How to align so many different people on a common objective?
  • Why would they participate in that?
  • What if no one aligns? Will that create further disruptions?
  • Will they be able to do without my support?
  • This will be time-consuming.

Doubt, confusion, and frustration take over. Often the businesses continue as is. All the while, the founders’ frustration over not being able to realize their potential, ballooning day by day. Is alignment really that tough? Is it even possible?

Any alignment is challenging unless the foundation is set. From our experience in working with numerous organizations over two decades, certain common threads and learnings have emerged. We believe every organization looking to align itself to achieve its purpose and vision should apply these.

1. Founder’s “WHY” for doing it — is it to serve himself or is it beyond him?

  • Organizations that were started without clarity of purpose and only as means to earn profits and incomes often become homes to “Heroes”. The purpose of the existence of these organizations is just to fulfill the financial aspirations of the founder, which soon grows into feeding the lust to prove and need for validation.
  • As long as an organization is only a means to fulfill one’s greed and lust, there can never be a Vision for this organization, especially one which is real and sustainable.
  • A true vision will only emerge when the desire of the founder(s) to build the business/ organization comes from their need to fulfill the desire for evolution.
  • In one of the mid-sized tech organizations, once the founder realized his own purpose in life, his organization became one of the many methods for him to fulfill that purpose. It became a platform to allow many other people to fulfill their dreams and realize their potential. This was the beginning of the organization moving from an “exclusive approach” to an “inclusive approach”.

2. Sensitizing people to the need of harnessing their own potential.

  • Every human wants to grow in their life, and work is one part of the larger scheme of things. The only way to grow is through constantly working on one’s own potential.
  • People need to see and realize that progress in life in all aspects is only possible when one works proactively towards harnessing their own potential.
  • In the same tech organization, when a handful of people underwent an engagement exercise, they were able to introspect, understand themselves, and their desires better. Consequently, they could see the possibility of unlocking their potential and were able to work on that in a systematic manner. This prepared the top leadership to open up and align with the vision and purpose of the Founder.

3. Making them emotionally conscious.

  • However often we make plans, decide to do something, take major decisions and even realize our purpose, the biggest hurdle we all face is our own emotional compulsions. Our unconscious nature is designed only for survival, and when that compulsion kicks in, nothing else matters.
  • That is where the need to be emotionally conscious is of great importance. It is in the state of being “Sthir” that a human is actually capable of doing anything meaningful and worthy.
  • As the core team of 12 people in this tech company started experiencing emotional consciousness, their lives began to change. The meetings that would run for hours were now joyfully concluded in a matter of minutes. Feelings of competitiveness, jealousy, and fear were transformed into collaboration, teamwork, and empathy. People then wanted to produce success, not for their personal agendas, but because they began finding pure joy in fulfilling the role they wanted to, and success for all became a consequence of that.

4. Having a structure to get people’s thoughts and perspectives on board in a short and crisp way.

  • All of the above might sound too good to be true. But it is possible! However, the effort to align a senior leadership of 10 plus people (and then their respective teams) can go haywire if not done in a structured manner.
  • The biggest difficulty in alignment is getting everyone’s thoughts on board, hearing them, understanding each perspective, prioritizing key things and then making clear outcome driven goals that can achieve the larger vision and purpose.
  • This organization wanted to do this for a couple of years, and had worked with many consultants to achieve this. Still, even after 15 months into the exercise, they did not even agree on common goals. To add to this, the entire exercise had created a lot of stress for the people involved.
  • However, in a matter of three days, following a blended structure of thinking, writing, collating, debating, prioritizing and summarizing, enabled this team to define what they needed to achieve over the next one year. The whole exercise was a moment of celebration and joy. It not only brought clarity, but also a great sense of satisfaction and excitement for the team. They now wanted to make it happen!

5. Making people producers and not receivers.

  • Another key hurdle we face in organizations is the collective attitude of being “receivers”. It simply means people lack ownership of outcomes. This feeling comes from being in the “survival mode”, feeling insecure and self-centered.
  • Any organization, or for that matter, a human can truly progress if they take the responsibility of being “producers”. At a granular level, it means that instead of seeking happiness, you produce joy, instead of expecting love, you start loving people, instead of demanding work, you start empowering and developing them.
  • Once people become producers in their own lives, taking ownership of goals and outcomes in the organization comes natural to them. As founders and leaders, your key role is to be a producer and enable others to function as producers in their lives. The rest will take care of itself.
  • As this bunch of 12 had undergone an in-depth engagement of mastering themselves, they had started functioning as producers in their own lives, in their families and in their workplace. So once the roadmap for the organization was laid out, it was a matter of minutes where this team volunteered to pick up ownership of the goals most relevant to them. For the first time, they were not looking at the Founder or anyone else to tell them what they needed to do. They just knew it!

6. Building culture and performance together.

  • Every organization is constantly trying to balance these two aspects – whether to prioritize performance or culture. And as performance brings tangible results (mostly financial), it is often given the priority. And what happens to the culture of the organization in the short to long term is anybody’s guess. And if organizations give too much emphasis on culture while compromising performance, then it becomes complacent and the question of organization’s survival kicks in sooner rather than later.
  • The truth is it neither can be prioritized over the other, like the pedals of a bicycle, these two have to move in sync.
  • Ensuring culture and performance is a journey and not an outcome. It just needs to be done day in and day out, and the aspects of it keep evolving.
  • One of the best ways to ensure that the organization is balancing both is through monthly review and tracking. Once separate goals and outcomes are set for both culture and performance (and needless to say, these are set by the teams themselves and not just the founder), people need hand-holding in tracking them. Once they do that each month, course correction is easier. Transparency increases and doubts reduce. People feel more settled, and are able to express themselves better. The whole thought of working in an organization for earning a living changes completely to using this as an opportunity to evolve and grow in one’s life.

Alignment is a cultural shift more than anything, and thus it will require time to implement. It is like sowing seeds and doing what needs to be done — watering it regularly, giving it sunlight, trimming the weeds, and allowing magic to happen.

As the Founder(s) adopt this attitude, building their organizations becomes a matter of pleasure for them. And then alignment with anyone is just a breeze!!!

Envisioning Workshop November 2022

“Envision Your Life!”

When it was said, it was meant.

And that’s exactly what happened at the Envisioning Workshop!
Another batch of Envisioning Workshop culminated yesterday with 16 entrepreneurs graduating and walking the path to making their self-discovered vision alive.
Witnessing the alignment of the founder’s vision with their partners and co-founders is a sight that brought so much warmth and life to their purpose. The ignition through the process instilled explorative yet directed action towards their self-realized purpose and vision.
It was beautiful to see the entrepreneurs beaming with joy on discovering their team’s vision, just differently worded.
Focusing on the key drivers of implementation of the vision paved the next steps with a lot of clarity. Congratulations to the entrepreneurs who are on the path of living their purpose driven vision each moment, now onwards.
We wish you all the best!
Arif Khan Zakir khan Geet Soni Bharat Pandey Wajid Farhan Mehul Vajir Rakesh Sharma Rajesh Vajir Rahul Vajir Saurabh Sekhri Tarika Rawal Sekhri Mahesh Meena Ankur Shrivastava Deepthi Nemani Khamir Purohit
Sameer Kamboj Shalini Kamboj Manisha Gupta Vidit Kamboj Mrinal Sinha Chaitanya Kumar Akshay Chandra Divya Muraleedhar Joceline Joshy

Here are few sharings from the Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders :

“What I realized in the Envisioning Workshop is that it is more about our individual visions and purposes. It was a very intensive and good workshop specially for me. It was quite enlightening because I’ve never thought about myself so much in detail like I’ve done in the past few days. This has brought out the purpose of my life and the vision which aligns with it. During the Envisioning Workshop, I was introduced to meditation practices as well, which I think will really help me in the coming days. So, I’m hopeful that meditation will help me to further align myself with my vision and purpose. I would recommend everybody to try this workshop, especially people who are looking for answers and who are not feeling content with what they are doing or why they are doing something. This is the place where people will get the answers that they’ve been looking for in their lives.”

“I came with high expectations, all of them were not just targeted well but went above and beyond which was the most fantastic thing. This is not just about business or just about life. Envisioning Workshop is very important because it provides great meaning and great value to your lives. It will make clear to you how and what to align your intent, vision, and purpose with, which will lead you to know exactly how conscious life needs to be lived.”

After doing CEP of SKC World which was about Conscious Entrepreneurship, we thought that it is a good idea to do the Envisioning Workshop which is mainly about the alignment of your purpose, vision, and goals. I did this workshop with my father and my younger brother because there were a lot of conflicts within ourselves, and with each of us in our own heads about what is our purpose and what is our vision. And believe me, this workshop will take you to your core. And by the end, we developed a joint vision statement and there were smiles on our faces after we designed the vision statement together. And the next step is of course the goals and the implementation but the idea is to live our purpose through our vision. So, anyone of you If you’re struggling with your purpose and vision among your co-founder or just by yourself in your head – you MUST do this workshop.

It is my first meeting here and the envisioning workshop has given me very good exposure. It helped me to know things that I did not know about myself. It has also given a good exposure in the sense that all our thought processes are aligned when our vision and purpose are clear. It has also given me a good way of thinking about how I should expand my future life.

Envisioning is what I personally wanted to do and glad to know SKC World is providing a formal program that helps you to structure your thoughts and let them out in a concise manner. For all these years I have been working in my business but forgot that I needed to work on myself too besides my business and these 4 days of Envisioning Workshop gave me the opportunity to pull myself away from my daily nitty-gritty and to think about what is it I really want to do. Here, I realized my purpose, I realized my vision. It was very simple and very straightforward. I look forward to continuing to be associated with SKC World with wonderful mentors and buddies because I know this is the right ecosystem for me where I am not being rushed into a business-critical goal. It is something that is coming from within me that’s what makes it special.

Envisioning Workshop helps us to realize that the purpose and vision we are seeking outside is actually within us. Here I got to know that everyone’s vision & purpose are the same, just words differ from each other. We always have this fight about why we are not able to achieve this and why we are not on the same page but now we are so satisfied after coming to this workshop and really excited to do further things.

Humans have this tendency to know what is our life purpose, where we start and where we want to go even though we would have achieved so much already. Organization vision was already set but what about my personal vision? After coming to this place I got to know that everyone’s purpose is the same. We just have to appreciate life and ourselves. For organization vision everyone’s mind set is the same but words are different. All have intentions to run a beautiful organization, successful industry, empowerment with transparency.

Essentials of Success (EOS) September 2022 Batch Final Sharings

Congratulations to the Essentials of Success Batch of 15 participants and their organizations AVANTI OVERSEAS PVT LTD, WONDERCUTS, Zappian, Rightful Labs, Vitraya Technologies, GT Cargo Fittings India Pvt Ltd, Fun4fitness that are set on the path of Consciousness.

We would like to congratulate Mrinal Sinha, Raghav Modi, Roshiel Zaveri, Ankit Mahajan, Arif Khan, Mahesh Meena, Wajid Farhan, Rishi Vashishth and Pooja Bhargava for introducing and supporting their team members on their path of conscious living — a full life!

The epiphanies shared by the participants were so beautiful and heartwarming — it can only be experienced and not put into words. We are confident that the participants are going back to their organizations today as a step closer to their true self, being present in each moment.

The coach Chaitanya Kumar very rightly said, “Each batch has its own uniqueness and flavor!”

Living a fulfilling life is everyone’s right, so what stops us?

Anaavaran Sadhana Final Sharing Rishikesh

Anaavaran Sadhana Final Sharing was a culmination of a 6 months intensive program where entrepreneurs and professionals of varied age groups participated from various cities, like Jaipur, Mumbai, Ludhiana, Bangalore, and more.. This took place in Rishikesh in the lap of the Ganges and, of course, the beautiful nature!

The Grads successfully completed the program setting themselves on the path of Consciousness of living a full life and discovering their true selves.

Don’t let the underlying emotions rule you, find the true joy within! – Ankita Zaveri, Food Bliss.

So happy to have finished the course of Anaavaran and beginning to shed the Avaarans of life ( life of consciousness).

In the daily hustle bustle of life, one operates like a machine, accomplishing task after task and goals after goals impacting one’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Later on followed by a stage where there is anxiety, depression, pain & many stress related health issues observed. Dependency on the number of medicines or abusing substances also tends to increase which does tend to give you a temporary relief with its own sets of side effects. Do we really need that?? Do we need a dependency or the feeling of being miserable due to the underlying emotions which in turn tends to rule you.

Science has proved that meditation and mindfulness have a variety of health benefits ranging from coping from all of the above listed symptoms to relieving pain of symptoms related to withdrawal of toxic substances. It also helps in controlling weight apart from improving the sleep quality by altering the function of the brain pattern.

If it is not doing anything to harm you then isn’t it worthy to give it a try ???
Let’s try to be conscious of our own emotions and make this world a beautiful and loving place to stay.

Designer Priyanka Modi
talks about her fashion journey and more!
Times of India

Fashion designer Priyanka Modi of AMPM shares her 20 years journey in fashion with E Times and doles out her future plans and how she has been sustaining the brand by reinventing the design and making it a favourite among her patrons.

Designer Priyanka Modi talks about her fashion journey and more! | Lifestyle – Times of India Videos

Inclusiveness Article on SKC Value

“Inclusiveness and breaking your own barriers is the most effective way of touching lives around you, not dominance and power!!”

I firmly believe this phrase, as one of the biggest challenges today is creating an inclusive workspace. Due to diversity it becomes difficult to adjust in the workspace. We have people of varied identities, but the culture at SKC is so warm and welcoming that every newbie in the organization adapts it swiftly. It also offers programs for employee development, such as Yoga, Meditation and EOS, which introduces us to the deeper version of ourselves and help us become conscious in both spheres – personal and professional..

Being a part of SKC, I have realized, “Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being.”
People here are empathetic and always ready to work inclusively towards the common goal as a team, thereby resulting in successful achievements of timelines. The big secret here is that there is no secret. Whatever our goal is, we can get there if we have the willingness to work. The positivity in the atmosphere increases our esteem and motivates to do better.

I conclude by saying, while we are at the stage of evolution, the values of SKC are interlinked. Without consciousness, one cannot be inclusive and willing, and in turn it would be impossible to be joyful and attain excellence. In the values, there is a hidden realization — it’s about how we accept the imperfections and what we do about it next. However, staying conscious and empathetic throughout the phase would definitely bring us a step closer to evolution.

“Evolution is not something you postpone for future, it is something you design for the present & uplift in the future”

Diwali Celebration 2022

Diwali was a feast this time with the kind of celebration we had together as a team. The levels of excitement were so high that the team not only went shopping for the decorations but also beautifully decorated the whole office space — our second home.

Honestly, it felt like home.

Sameer and Shalini shared the significance of the festival of Diwali — how there is an abundance in the universe that it’s time we realize and live every moment identifying our potential by welcoming grace.

When grace comes, there is abundance automatically!
Also, Sameer Kamboj and Shalini Kamboj extended their warm wishes on Diwali by sharing a good message with everyone:

Christmas Celebration 2022

Christmas and New Year were beautifully celebrated in SKC in person, where Surpise Santa – a Punjabi one – brought in so much cheer and laughter in the room, exchange of thoughtful tokens and a tricky game was played. That’s not all…

We all reflected on 2022 and how it went for us – Pace of the year and if that’s how we want it next year too was one very interesting and interactive session taken by Chaitanya Kumar.

To walk into next year on an exciting note, everybody on a piece of paper wrote down – What they wanted to change in 2023 and how they would feel if they are successful in it.

There is so much energy already.

To a New Year that will bring about new possibilities for each one of us…

Saying goodbye is the end,
and Cya is to be in touch.

I, Chaitanya Jain, bid adieu to SKC World. The journey of 13 months in SKC has been with a lot of learnings, realizations and acceptance. Working from 3 hours to 7 hours a day is one of the major changes I have ever seen in myself. SKC World is not only an organization to learn but also to explore various work areas, to see where your interest really is. I have worked in various departments. From managing, organizing, marketing, UX, UXI, designing, to editing in short I can say I have learned I have learned a lot by understanding how to be productive from different points of views. One of the key learnings in these 13 months is that the answer to every problem lies in front of you; all you need is to think with a different mindset, which happens when you are calm and understanding. The state of mind comes within you through daily meditative practices. It’s a long term process but you will see the change in yourself. The seniors in the organization are really supportive and always keep you motivated and help you explore many things in various departments. The culture of the organization is to spread consciousness and happiness. I would really like to thank my reporting manager Divya ma’am, Chaitanya sir and Sameer sir for helping me evolve in my professional life and allow me to get the best results out of myself. I would like to wish everyone from SKC World Success, Scale and Joy in every dimension of their life.


Glimpse of the year 2022

As we close this year, we would like to cheer and root for everyone who has chosen the path of Consciousness and living a fulfilling life!

Let us be in the moment always, present and willing!

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