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An Idea Called Life


Life is an Idea. Each one of us carry this in our heads, all the time. We keep living this idea and in this journey, our attempt is to reinforce this idea.

If you examine, you will find that this idea called life is a fluff… something which is not even a thought… something which is in thin air. What is it really??? that all of us are trying to find out, but few of us actually have the courage or tools to actually find it.

What is an idea??

An idea about my community… an idea about my family… my friends, my relatives, love, hatred, money, success, pain, pleasure, happiness, distress, stress, journey, knowledge, learning, work, ethics, morality, religion,… well you think of any thought, you will find that behind each thought there exists an idea.

This idea has been the reason of who we are… how we are… Someone has an idea of life being one where everyone should be equal… where people should respect each other… where people care for each other… love each other… so when he meets people, it is with this idea in his head, that he thinks about others. Whoever confirms to his idea is good, and who doesn’t confirm is not good. This cycle of people being OK and not being OK goes on.

Then he comes across a situation in life where suddenly his idea undergoes a change. Now his life also changes. People he classified as bad earlier, are suddenly OK for him.

But it is not easy to live life like this. This can be very confusing after a point in time. The more travelled a person is, the more confused he is… this is so because he is constantly in a process of changing his ideas. He questions himself and comes up with new convictions which can help him live easily. Living in a confusion can not be easy. Thus, after some time, people (experienced people) claim to be wise and start becoming rigid about their ideas. This is the only way for them to survive. And rightfully so, after all they are successful now! They have all the things that must be possessed by a successful person. The list was given to them by someone early on in life… another idea, you see.

The whole concept of happiness is an idea… life itself is an idea. Whatever we have thought about as life is an IDEA!!! This is a scary thought. Then what really is life?

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