6 Key Takeaways
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Identify your 6 most critical
challenges to sales
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Understand what you
really sell
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Design a great and effective
sales strategy
Takeaways icon 4
Building a Sales Organisation
Takeaways icon 5
Improve your closure
skills instantly
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Meet Self-Made billionaires, who
are Conscious Entrepreneurs

Selling Consciously is an
Entrepreneur’s Duty!

As an entrepreneur, we have the potential to impact the lives of millions and billions through just one of our products. Does that not put great responsibility on our shoulders to do the right thing.

This SKC Samarth, learn how to sell Consciously

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About the Speakers

Sameer Kamboj

Co-Founder, SKC World

A Conscious Entrepreneur, Mentor, Guide, Coach, Consultant, Musician, a ‘Master in Gyan-Yoga’. The author of “The Possibilities of Potential”The founder of SKC.world, he is on a mission to “touch a million lives”.

Jayant Davar

Founder, Co-Chairman & Managing Director of Sandhar Technologies Limited.

He holds degree of Mechanical Engineer and is also an alumni of Harvard Business School. A self made entrepreneur, who built the company from scratch is known for creating a culture of inclusiveness and autonomy.

Get expert advice from the Speakers in the Q&A session
What you will learn in this one day is
Learn the method to
identify your critical challenges
on an on going basis
Master the
method to understand what
you really sell!
Learn how to design a
dynamic sales strategy which will always
remain relevant and effective
Learn the SKC’s Sales Quadrant ™ ,
a patented tool designed by SKC which has
helped 100s of entrepreneurs multiply their sales
Learn the secret to
build long lasting relationships
Learn the
Science of closing a sale
Opportunity to witness the lost
ancient science of "Conscious Entrepreneurship ™”
Understand what it means
to have a Sales Organisation
Who should attend
Perfect for:
  • Start Up Entrepreneurs
  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • Family Businesses
  • Experienced Entrepreneurs
  • Top Leadership
  • CXOs

A glimpse into
previous Samarth workshops
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    In August 2018, Entrepreneurs defined their very own marketing and sales strategy.
  • 100 year succession plan:
    In December 2018, 120+ entrepreneurs envisioned their companies future beyond themselves
  • The Science of Scaling Up, Joyfully!
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Make your business a platform for Success
This is what people who scaled up with SKC have to say
Frequently Asked Questions

“Samarth” is a series of ability enhancement workshops, especially designed and tailored to help entrepreneurs overcome their small and large challenges. Samarth is an offering by SKC.World to aid entrepreneurs in their endeavours of growth. In today’s date, there is no real support for entrepreneurs where help is provided without any mincing of words. These series of masterclasses take upon the hottest topics prevalent in the world of entrepreneurship. From scaling up to process implementation. These topics are picked up through the feedback of entrepreneurs only. Samarth is an offering to bring Success, Scale and Joy in the life of entrepreneurs.

Yes, there are speaking opportunities available, but one of the precursors is that, the knowledge you impart has to come out of your own experiences. You can write to us at contact@skc.world for the same.

SKC World, is a company known for its Business Consulting, Mentoring and Entrepreneurship coaching services for the past 20+ years. We are on a mission to create an “Era” of “Conscious Entrepreneurship”. We help entrepreneurs master the science of Scaling Up and Success in their business and personal lives Joyfully.

Yes, absolutely. All sessions during the day are interwoven and to reap the benefits it is absolutely necessary for you to be there. Keeping your phones on flight or switch off mode is also necessary during the sessions. This one day needs to be dedicated to your growth, not day to day challenges.

SKC Samarth always has a number of speakers and guest speaker, while the main speaker, the creator of SKC Samarth and the founder of SKC World is Sameer Kamboj. Know more about Sameer.

The price offering for Samarth is the same for everyone, unless your are a SKC Grad or a referral by an SKC grad. for which pls contact your Growth manager for the discount code. We do offer group discounts : please call 9899803487

Each human and enterprise being unique, there are varied takeaways. but we guarantee that no one has ever attended a SKC event and not have takeaways. Watch the video below to see the takeaways of people from the previous samarth. SKC Samarth is a decision which you will never regret in your life. Watch This Video

SKC World is an organisation invested in the growth of Entrepreneurs no matter what how big or small. Thus, one thing is for sure, whoever you meet is either an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur (these are those high performing professionals who lead entire teams in large organisations. They are nothing less than entrepreneurs). SKC has always maintained this exclusivity and intends to do so in the times to come.

Conscious Entrepreneurship is a concept coined by the founder of SKC. This is the unique space that SKC is working in where we have brought together the concepts of the ancient Indian science of consciousness and the most modern concepts of entrepreneurship under one roof.

Conscious Entrepreneurship simply means doing the “right things to get the right results”. While it sounds easy and heard off. By Consciousness we mean the science of knowing “what is that right thing and what right results to actually aim for”, which ultimately helps us to make right plans. While entrepreneurship is that science of implementation of those plans you made to bring the right results..

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