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Your Lust Can Destroy Your Business!


While everyone wants to Grow in their lives, become rich, powerful and famous, some of us want it even more than others. There are multiple underlying causes of these varying magnitudes. When someone’s very existence depends on achieving or acquiring something, this desire reaches the proportions of Lust.

What is Lust?

Lust is primarily a desire, which has its origins in our sense of Inadequacy. When we desire something to fulfil our sense of emptiness when we desire something to define ourselves. When we become obsessed with achieving something that, without it, we are just not good enough. It is then that we are driven by Lust.

How to identify lust from desire?

Unless I own a certain house, I have no status in society. Unless I don’t drive a luxury/ sports car, I am not rich or cool. Unless I don’t have “these” many people working for me, I am not a big man. Unless “these” many people do not recognise me when I go to a place, I am not important enough. Unless I do not have this much money with me, I am not safe. Unless my family does not accept me to the point of agreeing with my decisions, I am not loved and respected. Unless my friends do not choose to party at a place of my choice, I am not accepted as a friend. Unless I am not invited to sit at the top of the table, I am not important enough. Unless I do not get invited to the ‘A list’ events, I have not arrived. Unless I am not chased by the media, I am not famous. Unless people do not drool over me, I am not handsome/ pretty, Unless…

If such statements are the underlying causes for the fulfilment of any desire, then Lust is at play.

Side effects of pursuing lust

Our lust makes us compulsive to such a degree that we need to fulfil them at any cost. In order to do that, we manipulate people and situations around us to our advantage. We try and collaborate with those who can definitely help us get there, but they also understand our lust towards those goals in no time. This makes us vulnerable. However hard we may try and hide our lust, it leaks out of our well-kept facades of pretences. Even if one is able to manage the external appearances for a longer time, eventually the masks come off, and people closest to us, abandon us.

Even after achieving the desired result, we are alone and lonely. People are sceptical about our intentions, they either fear us, despise us or in turn use us to fulfil their own lusts.

The Dilemma

A Desire to Scale up is natural. Everyone wants to Grow. Everything in this creation is growing naturally. A seed, to fulfil its desire, tears through the surface of the earth and grows into a tree. It gives everything it has to fulfil its desire, yet gives back to the earth that nurtures it. As it understands that it cannot stand tall without a firm footing into the earth. Thus, fulfilling desires is not the problem, but we must understand that the fulfilment of our desire is not done by us alone. In Fact, each and every person around us contribute to it. We are interdependent. Thus, we must have gratitude for our successes and not be full of “me”.

But, our ‘Sense of Inadequacy’ forces us to obsess about having everything for ourselves only. This inadequacy makes us unfair to those around us and in no time, we are surrounded only by those people who are insecure, inadequate and have given in to their lust. Insecure people are easy to find and are quick to form groups.

How to avoid this mistake?

Scaling up requires secure and adequate people who are not afraid of sharing, instead, are willing to give to others. If you truly want to be an entrepreneur, start with the inclusiveness of others’ desires with your own.

Do not make the most common mistake of driving your scaling up endeavour to fulfil your personal Lust for Money, Power and Fame. In no time, you’ll be surrounded by people like that. Life becomes a struggle while you wanted Life to be a pleasure.

Scaling up is a matter of Leading people beyond their inadequacies. Each person has strengths and weaknesses. We all make mistakes. We all have the ability to move forward despite all our shortcomings. The scale is achieved by those who can enable people to keep improving and evolving. This requires a sense of accepting all things and people even if they are not perfect and inadequate. This requires you to embrace them with a mind that has hope.

When driven by Lust, there is an obsession. Scaling up requires Compassion, Gratitude and Inclusiveness.

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