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SKC’s Essentials of Success – A Program Where Small Actions Lead to Big Results


We recently concluded the formal sessions for the latest EOS batch.


For those who are not familiar with EOS, Essentials of Success is a special program designed for junior to mid-management teams and emerging leaders. Its purpose is to empower them with an enthusiastic and productive way of life and work. We offer them the tools, and practices that can transform lives.


On the final day of the EOS program, we encourage participants to share their thoughts, learnings, and anecdotes. They talk about the ways in which the program has influenced them and how they plan to implement the learning.


Generally, when I speak to Conscious Entrepreneurs, I explain that during EOS, participants realize that we are all in this one world and only together we can do anything we want to. When I witnessed the sharings this time, I felt excited, humbled, and overwhelmed. I realized how it was all this, and so much more!


Over the years, I have seen that our EOS participants are important, mid-level (yet not so visible) members in their organizations. Their typical day starts early because they need to finish their chores before they reach the office.


They come from varied backgrounds, but have a common goal – the ‘desire to grow’ and ‘earn to live’. They rarely ever consider their personal life, their family, or their health as worthy enough areas to address. Between work and commuting, they seldom get the opportunity to slow down and consider the basic tenets of life – joy, participation, and love. Never do they realize that ‘being balanced’ is not a luxury; it can be experienced by everyone, only if we become conscious and create it.


A popular experience that participants share with us is that even while they are doing the program, its positive effects start showing up. Their colleagues start thanking and complimenting them for their “new” self. Their coworkers start realizing that they have become more efficient, and their family members comment that they have become more emotionally aware and available.


For example, Pooja from this batch says that before the program, she was a workaholic. Even while working from home, she would spend long hours on her desk. Exhausted, she would then vent to her kids and her husband.


After learning what she learned from the program, her productivity, the quality of her work, and her promptness – all improved. She has now started expressing herself freely. She is able to reflect and plan effortlessly too. She is consciously taking personal time off and planning how to parent her child, and nurture her relationship with her parents, and her husband. She says, “EOS created so many Aha moments for me! My goal now is to create many such moments in all areas of my life.”


Ironically, Pooja’s boss, (the Conscious Entrepreneur who nominated her for the program), always wanted all his team members to work less, and strike a balance so that they would lead to a more joyful and result-oriented performance.


After listening to all these bright young minds, I’ve had a realization of my own. With EOS, we are able to do a lot more than what we originally set out to. In fact, through one participant, we are touching so many lives. Pooja became a more productive employee, a resourceful colleague, a loving daughter, a great wife, a doting mother. She will continue to inspire all those people she comes in touch with!


So then, EOS is a lot more than a program for managers. It is a Program Where Small Actions Lead to Big Results!

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