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Scaling Up Requires Vision, Planning,

Execution and Tracking

SKC empowers you to learn the art and science of entrepreneurship

making you a self-reliant, conscious and capable leader

Management Consulting

A tailor-made journey for every destination

Our premium operations of Consulting form a part of our Corporate Empowerment ModelTM (CorEM) and leverage our research based, patented models for growth and turnaround to boost both top-line and EBIDTA through sustainable, systemic and easily implementable strategy paths, at the same time guaranteeing a stress free and joyful growth.

We use a non-jargonized approach with an optimal blend of knowledge and intuition, inclusion of stakeholder interests, identification of weaknesses and super-specialization in Finance, Sales, Innovation, Processes, People, Information, and Technology, to enhance existing processes. It eliminates ‘Ifs & Buts’ by building on strengths, filling gaps, and fixing weak zones. Using our patented 5 pillar model©, we have helped 100s of organisations in the past 20 plus years.


All these services are custom designed depending on the need of the individual organisation under CorEM™

3 & 6 year


Cultural and vision alignment in the company

Family business strategies - family settlement and restructuring

Total corporate transformation

Project Ideation

Project Planning

Developing winning strategies to scale up

Finance, Sale, Branding, Technologies

Organizational Culture and Team builing

Executive Coaching for Business owners and Leaders

Stakeholder mentoring for business and personal growth

Process improvement and implementation

Sale, Branding and Marketing Strategy implementation. Expanding markets and dealer networks

Fund raising

Empowerment ModelTM (CorEM)
CorEM is our Business Consulting Model, where we help organizations at an individual basis to implement and create strategy maps that are best for them and their company, as well as mentor and coach people to align them to the greater vision and goals and bring their buy-in.

So that these processes that you create, become the lifeline for years to come.
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Mentoring and Coaching

Knowledge is plain vocabulary until it is implemented

SKC World, through its mentoring and coaching programs for entrepreneurs as well as workshops, imparts implementable knowledge – making lasting changes in cognition and perception of people (at both founder level and management level), to boost personal productivity, improve leadership quality, develop thought-leadership, groom next-in-line leaders, improve sales strategies, nurture management dexterity and hone motivational skills. Using an optimum combination of the four dimensions of success in any leader’s life:  Economic success, Physical success, Mental and emotional success,
Spiritual success

SKC helps you create a higher form of life within you using ‘best in the world’ management and leadership tools combined with the ancient Indian Science of “Gyan Yog”. At SKC we help you become “Conscious Entrepreneurs”


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ProgramTM (CEP) - Advanced
Offering methods of well-being to entrepreneurs who understands that their success is possible only when everyone in their organisation is producing success.
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We work towards our Goals, not deadlines

Any new process not tracked will eventually revert to old patterns.

SKC’s Compliance services are sum of 3 dimensions – monitoring, reviewing and implementing the required solutions.

Our endeavour is to provide right advisory, compliant practices and customized solutions to clients across industries and of multiple business sizes.We act as an integral partner to our consulting clients for monitoring their goals on weekly, monthly and annual basis and providing critical information wherever course correction is required along their strategic roadmap.

Our compliance team is highly skilled in legal, taxation and regulatory matters, providing diverse services in accountancy, audit, taxation and other corporate matters.

SKC is a partner of Geneva Group International (GGI) – the world’s 6th largest multidisciplinary alliance of accounting, law, and business consultancy firms with over 700 member offices across 120+ countries. This enables us to provide quality and timely services in any part of the world.



Taxation -
Direct and Indirect

Assurance and

& Corporate

and patents

Business, Taxation. Legal,

Transaction -
Due, Diligence and


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