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SKC Samarth

Ability Enhancement Workshop

Helping entrepreneurs and business owners get unique insight and
techniques to increase the ability

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What is SKC Samarth?

Samarth is a sanskrit word that means “the able one”. This word has three roots as “Sah” meaning “with”, “Ma” meaning “me”, and “arth” which means “something of value” or “meaning or ‘purpose’. Combined this word means Enhancing oneself with understanding and adding of some value or meaning or purpose.

Samarth is a series of Ability enhancement workshops/ masterclasses that are specially designed in order to help entrepreneurs and business owners get unique insights and techniques on different topics. These insights and techniques are provided by those successful entrepreneurs who have used them in their own lives and have emerged victorious. These are not “gyaan” (knowledge sharing) speeches but are implementation workshops that are oriented towards measurable outcomes and specific takeaways. They not only make one think but, create a plan to implement the changes.

Thus increasing one’s ability. Making them “Samarth”.

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Next Sanmarth starting on

27th April, 2019


The Science of
Scaling Up

9:30 am to 5pm
Crowne Plaza, Okhla Phase 2,
New Delhi
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the intent to do samarth

At SKC World, our basic premise is that all humans have the potential/ ability to evolve. The first steps of this evolution is Physical and Economic enrichment. It is only when people feel adequate in their physical and economic world and can meet all their survival, social and self esteem needs can they start to focus on evolution and govern their life ahead.

Consequently, the aim of SKC Samarth is to focus on the preliminary step of survival, social and self esteem needs while clearly laying out a roadmap towards self evolution . Thus the key intent is to give people a glimpse into their limitless potential. To make them realise that a business truly succeeds, not in survival but Evolution mode. Thus at SKC Samarth, we pick up different concepts that limit entrepreneurs/ business owners, aiming to unshackle the myths and constraints they face.

In the past we have successfully covered topics as Digital Marketing and Succession Planning, Sales, Consistent Deliveries, etc. In the previous SKC Samarth, we were ably supported by organisations such as Cactus Communications, Orient Bell Ltd., Mobikwik, FSM (IIT Delhi).


What makes
SKC Samarth Unique?

  1. We call upon speakers who have successfully dealt with these issues in their own businesses and lives.
  2. The core intent is to truly help entrepreneurs tap into their unlimited potential by helping them realise its presence.
  3. Extremely outcome/ takeaways oriented workshop.
  4. We provide extremely simple yet unique concepts that, 95% people skip as the blind spot.
  5. The experience, and the feel factor of the event is extremely unique as it creates an aura of safety and security. It makes one strive to go beyond their limitations.
  6. Does not focus on getting large crowds in, but ensures that only the key decision makers attend.
  7. We ensure the SKC World experience impacts everyone present.

Guaranteed Takeaways

  • Implementable solutions to uniques topics each samarth.
  • Meet like minded entrepreneurs/ (intrapreneurs).
  • Go home with an absolutely fresh yet logical solution.
  • Enhance your practical/ experiential knowledge.
  • Learnings through the experiences of thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs who ‘made it BIG’.
  • Get guidance and motivation to run business by being in a conducive environment.
  • Simple tools of physical and economic enrichment.
  • Ways to grow your business joyfully
  • Introduction to Conscious Entrepreneurship

Who should attend?

SKC Samarth is attended by those entrepreneurs and CXO Level Professionals who have reached a stage where they don’t just want materialistic growth, but also find meaning. It attracts entrepreneurs and Senior Leaders who are always seeking ways to become a better version of themselves, who are truly invested in their and their peoples growth.

  • Start Up Entrepreneurs
  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • Family Businesses
  • Experienced Entrepreneurs
  • Top Leadership and CXOs of Medium and Large Organisations
  • Founders/ Owners of Small, Medium and Large Organisations

The amazing speakers

who have been to SKC Samarth

Glipmses of Previous Samarth
Learn the methods of conscious
Use Tools of Productivity &
Total Success
Draw from the real experiences of Successful
entrepreneurs : both in success and failure.
Go back
with implementable action plans

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