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Effective Personal Productivity

Helping small and medium business owners with productivity & total success

Effective Personal Productivity

Business owners, especially of small and medium businesses, usually reach a point of introspection after a few years running their business – Where do I go from here and how do I get there? This usually arises from the lack of a clear vision and goals that drive them, and consequently their organizations stagnate.

SKC’s Effective Personal Productivity (EPP) is a five-month program to help small and medium sized business owners to be more productive, by mastering the art of managing Goals, Time and People. During the course of the program, SKC helps participants identify their vision, create goals to reach there, identify impediments to attain these goals, draft an approach to overcome these impediments and mechanisms to implement the approach.

The EPP program may be conducted organisation-wide too, if leaders understand the need to improve their people’s productivity and effectiveness.

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Sep 2020

Focus Area
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Doing right things at the right time for the right length of time is productivity. To know what is right and how much is right, we need to be conscious. once conscious, our struggles and stress ceases making us productive and joyful.

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Time Management

Managing time is all about inner management. Those who succeed in managing their mind, body and intellect remain balanced, progressive and consequently extract the most out of time. Once you have learnt the art of managing your mind, with simple time management techniques you can become a master of your own time.

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People & Communication

If we realise that people are not assets, they are the ones who make an organisation. They are the intrinsic ingredient. To accept them in totality as we accept ourselves is the path to growth. The program not only gives you this clarity it also provides you, necessary skills like effective communication and effective delegation.

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Doing right things at the right time for the right length of time is productivity. To know what is right and how much is right, we need to be conscious. once conscious, our struggles and stress ceases making us productive and joyful.

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Vision & Mission

As we understand our desires and wish to scale up we need people to join our cause. Only when our vision and mission is clear that other people find a space in our organisation, a reason for them to invest their lives if our vision matches with theirs.

Takeaways of the program

Time Management

Goals & Desire

People & Delegation

Clarity of Mind
and Priority

Clarity of Vision and Mission
of Life as well as Work


Crisis & Conflict

Creation of
Effective Teams

and Accountability

Who should attend

EPP is a program for entrepreneurs to help them improve their productivity, their communication with their people, their relations with their family and lead a life of joy and success.

  • For Senior Leaders
  • For Small Entrepreneurs
  • For individual professionals
  • For Entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to enhance their personal productivity and joy

SKC’s EPP Upcoming Batch

EPP focuses on the personal productivity of top leadership and business owners. Duration: 5 Months, 10 Half–Day Sessions + 1 Individual Mentoring Session.

September 2020
68, Ground Floor,
Okhla Phase 3,
New Delhi – 110020

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    EPP is a 10 session program, each session is 4-5 hours long with the exception of one full day session and the session happens at 15 day intervals. All the sessions are boardroom sessions

    There are 2 types of batches. The typical size of each batch is around 20 people.

    Open Batch: an open batch is one that we announce for individuals who want to succeed in life. If a batch is being created for middle management, then student or homemakers will not be a part of this batch. Each candidate will be chosen in order to create a homogenous group, in order to maximise learning.
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    Company batch: this kind of batch is created as per custom demand of businesses. EPP is an extremely successful and desired program by businesses and corporates for team trainings and cultural alignment. Through EPP we have helped 100s of companies create a common culture of growth and success. If you too are looking for helping your people lead a successful life. This program is apt for your company.
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    We have highly skilled coaches and facilitators for this program, who carry their experience of industry and help you navigate your way to success. Each batch is assigned a business coach and facilitator based on the dynamics of the group.

    The entire program is like a movie, you don’t want to miss a single minute of this. So the answer is yes! It is absolutely imperative to attend each session. But at the same time we understand that lives are unpredictable, thus the program schedule is set in a way that everyone can align their calendars to it.

    In order to know the price, please Enquire Now or call: 9899803487

    Dinika Bhatia

    SKC is a pleasant DREAM that happened to me. I am blessed to have them as catalyst and drivers for my personal success. I look upto them for all my queries and concerns. To have them as our mentors and consultants makes me assured that “All is well”. Keep inspiring and empowering us.

    Saurabh Jain

    PCJS Group

    After long I have become calmer, spiritual part of the program has really helped me and my family. We are in a journey & everyone needs to experience this journey. My best wishes to this program & may this touch million lives.

    Ajay Adlakha

    Infinity Advertising Services

    Who would have known by making some minor changes , by using simple techniques can pay such rich dividends! The tools and techniques learnt in this program will help you improve in all facets of life.

    Surya Uday Bedi

    It helped me to focus on my work and in my personal life and also helped to think positively. The class helped me to evaluate myself and I had taken steps to change myself wherever correction wants to be.

    Karan Mehra

    SKC has been a friend,philosopher and a guide in my journey through this useful programme. Thank you Shalini for being a mentor and Sameer for your support.

    K.M. Pai

    Do you aspire to become a conscious entrepreneur?

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