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Identify & Analyze the Life State of Your Organization
through the Conscious Entrepreneurship Quadrant©
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Success is always created by design, it is never by chance. Conscious entrepreneurship is
creating something that includes and fulfills everyone in your organization. It is not merely a platform
for your personal achievements but is one where team victory can be achieved. This requires expert
craftsmanship in building the right systems, culture, defining vision and purpose of the organization
along with a high degree of emotional consciousness and self awareness.
Conscious organizations are clear on the “why” of their actions. It reflects in their goals, plans, targets
and actions. These organizations not only make money, but money with meaning.The organizations
where consciousness quotient is higher, tend to be more joyful, calm, content and have better
Entrepreneurship implies the ability to take more than the required initiative towards exploring
possibilities and actualizing your vision through harnessing your and others potential.
The sense of entrepreneurship is driven by the desire to achieve more and high ambition. However,
this needs to be backed by action. When the entrepreneurship quotient is high, whether individually
or in the organization as a whole, then the organizations largely would experience growth, higher
turnovers, new people coming in, expansions.

Begin Your Conscious Entrepreneurship Journey Now!

An Inward Approach Towards Success

60+ hours sessions | Mentoring and Coaching | Personal
Handholding | 02 offsites | Master the implementation of
the Founder and the People Pillar | Works on your
Purpose and Goals Alignment | Harness Key Resources –
Desire, People and Time | Entrepreneurs from Across
Industries | Networking opportunities | Powerful Gyanyog
meditative practices. know more


4 Days Residential Workshop | 30+ Entrepreneurs Across
Industries | Offsite – Rishikesh | Enjoy being in the laps of
Ganges. Let the grace work on you!
Ignite the “core” within through Inner realizations | Identify
your Purpose and define your organizational Vision |
Create 3 years vision and a detailed annual working plan |
Powerful Gyanyog meditative practices. know more

Dive deep into “Who Am I” (मैं कौन हूं)

4 Days Workshop | 4 hours – Each Day | 2 Meditative
Practices | Peel away the layers | Be on the path of
discovering your true version | Become more aware
about your emotional compulsions and move towards
emotional consciousness. know more

Trusted By 1000+ Enterpreneurs All Over the World!

Conscious Entrepreneurship Program CEP
Anaavaran Workshop
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