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Conscious Entrepreneurship Program (Advanced)TM

Creating conscious leaders to drive organizations
through clear intent

Conscious Entrepreneurship ProgramTM (CEP) - Advanced

While most entrepreneurs manage to drive their business through their zeal and enthusiasm during the initial stages, they find it hard to implement the same model as the business grows. This is because, very often, leaders fail to comprehend what motivates and drives their teams, customers and stakeholders.

Conscious Entrepreneurship ProgramTM (CEP) – Advanced is designed with a very clear intent which is to offer methods of well-being to entrepreneurs who wish to run their organisations on the basis of the values of:

  1. Success for all, abundance for all, happiness for all;
  2. Who understands that their success is possible only when everyone in their organisation is producing success.

CEP Advanced is a transformational, life developing experience. It is a gift you as an entrepreneur can give to yourself in order to build an amazing organisation according to your vision for the business and the people around you.

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Nov 2020

Focus Areas
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A founder is one who is able to materialise and create an organisation out of a mere idea. At SKC World we help Founders, bring clarity in vision as well as pragmatism in plans, ensuring success in all their endeavours.

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Sales encompasses not just selling your product/service, it is about building a whole structure for defining your sales strategies, customer segmentation, product innovation while assessing customer needs and demands and building organization towards pull marketing.
It focuses on building a network of customers and partners for a successful sales strategy.

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In order to achieve organization vision, people need to be aligned in a way that they are able to achieve their personal goals while working towards organizational goals.

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Processes help to systematize and smoothly run an organization. Scaling up is the need for every organization. And beyond a certain point it is not feasible without following systematic procedures.
Building a process driven organization is essential to improve deliveries, sustain qualities, reduce wastages and enhance overall productivity.

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Through building a strong finance pillar, an entrepreneur can gear up his organization for future growth through sustained profits and higher business valuations. This helps an entrepreneur to effectively manage financial resources.

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Minimum Guaranteed Takeaways

Managing “Self” through
Self Awareness and

Developing Vision
with an Implementation

Designing a Sales,
Marketing and Branding

Robust Sales Processes
for your Business Leading
to Quantum Jump in Sales

Generate the Correct
Sales Leads for your

Designing and
Implementing Processes

Creating Leadership and
People Development Plan

Hiring and
Retaining Talent

Building and
Managing Teams

Create a value
driven culture in
your organisation

Financial Management leading
to Financial Stability
and Better Cash Flows

Increased Profits
with a mastery over
Organizational Growth

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Who should Attend CEP Advanced ?

This Program is especially useful if you have already accomplished a reasonable degree of Success in your life. And in case you feel there is a lot more that you need to do and to be, before you could call yourself Successful, then this is the correct program for you.

  • Entrepreneurs who are looking to build ‘organizations’ out of their current ‘businesses’
  • Second/third generation entrepreneurs who have joined their family business and wanting to expand further
  • Experienced entrepreneur or professional looking to set up or who recently set up an organisation and is looking to build it in a Conscious manner from the beginning
  • Senior leaders and CEOs of medium and large organisations who are essentially working as entrepreneurs

CEP Advanced Upcoming Batch

Registrations are opening soon for our upcoming CEP Advanced Batch. Get ready to witness the most evolved Entrepreneurship Course in the world!

Coming Soon
91Springboard, B1/H3,
Mohan Cooperative Industrial Area, Mathura Road,
Block B, New Delhi, India, 110044

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    Thanks to Shalini Ma’am for providing me the direction, for helping me set my goals. Now, I have clarity of where I want to be! SKC is a place where I have not only learnt work but also learnt a way to live life happily & peacefully!! Thanks for providing me with the tools to manage my time & balance my life. Thank you SKC.

    Rajat Mehta

    Madhur Daga

    SKC made me a “true leader” who will always ensure that the entire Team – members are empowered & get benefited with lots of opportunities within the organisation & become leaders! And always contribute towards the achievement of organisational Goals.

    Monika Mahal

    SKC – An institution that helps small business owners transform their DREAMS into REALITY following simple yet effective strategies.

    Gautam Khemani

    SKC has given a vast opportunity to explore, to develop, to grow in all fields, professing, spirituality & socially. Sameer sir & shalini ma’am is the best mentor I have ever met..Thanks!!


    The nurturing ground for entrepreneurs, growth drivers with fertile minds with ideas.

    Gayatri Manchanda

    Frequently Asked Questions

    CEP Advanced works on ‘Mentoring + Coaching’ Model.
    The Program consists of 20 full day sessions divided into two parts as shown below:

    Part 1

    First part of the session would focus on Mentoring of the Founders (Participants) by SKC Mentors. Mentoring introduces the participants to complete new dimensions and ideas on understanding self, envisioning about their business, leadership, managing self, understanding people through making them more conscious. These sessions would build a firm foundation for the participants to implement tools to bring desired results in their personal lives and organizations.

    Part 2

    Second part of the session would be led by SKC Coaches, who specialize in areas of finance, sales, process and people. Coaches would guide and assist the participants in developing a complete handbook which is required to run and scale up their organisations. Deeper understanding of transactional concepts are shared and hand-holding is given to each participant to ensure that required formats and tools are created to suit specific needs.
    The above structure brings harmony in the intrinsic desires of the Founders, their values and intent with the structure, culture and desired results in their organisations.

    A 2 day “Envisioning” Offsite is also included as a part of these 20 full day sessions.

    A total of 20 sessions in a group of 10-12 people are conducted over a period of 8 months. Besides group sessions, 1-2-1 session is also conducted with the Mentor.

    Post the program handholding for continuous implementation will be provided by SKC coaches for a period of three months.

    We have highly skilled Mentors, coaches and facilitators for this program, who carry their experience of industry and help you navigate your way to success. Each batch is assigned a coach and facilitator based on the dynamics of the group.

    Sameer Kamboj
    Shalini Kamboj

    Akshay Chandra
    Chaitanya Kumar

    Ashish Sharma

    The entire program is like a movie, you don’t want to miss a single minute of this. So the answer is yes! It is absolutely imperative to attend each session. But at the same time we understand that lives are unpredictable, thus the program schedule is set in a way that everyone can align their calendars to it.

    In order to know the price, please Enquire Now or call 9899803487.

    1. Understand and define personal as well as organizational vision, mission and purpose beyond competition comparison.
    2. Define desired values and culture.
    3. Enhance personal productivity while reducing stress.
    4. Actively building organisation for succession planning at all levels.
    5. Bring clarity in self-image

    Some of the organisational takeaways would be:

    1. Understanding meaning of Sales and Sales Quadrant (in terms of products, customers, geographies).
    2. Introduce strategies for sales growth from Low Profit High Volume and High Profit Low Volume to High Profit High Volume
    3. Create a one year sales goal roadmap.
    4. Creating Sales Processes.
    5. Creating the prospects pipelines and scripts.
    6. Understanding the process of Sales Interview and Prime Buying Motives identification.
    7. Identifying the Branding and marketing strategies.
    8. Preparing Brand and marketing collateral.
    9. Using social media.
    10. Tracking sales and linking with direct impact on P&L.
    11. Generating the correct Leads for your business
    1. Create the organogram required to reach the goals.
    2. Assess people on the SKC AAW (Aptitude Attitude Willingness) format.
    3. Create hygiene and skill matrix for each position and person in organisation.
    4. Prepare Position Descriptions and identify gaps.
    5. Prepare Delegation plans and Development plans.
    6. Recruitment methods and processes.
    7. Performance evaluation systems and designing increments.
    8. Motivating people and employee engagement
    9. Attracting and retaining talent
    1. Methods for analysing the Process needs.
    2. How to link processes with Goals
    3. How to design and implement processes.
    4. Process review and linking with results.
    5. Splitting processes in Finance, Sales, Production, Support functions, Accounts, HR, Administration, Quality, Communication, Training, Reporting, Logistics and Despatch, vendor or supplier management, Customer relationships, Culture management, Employee engagement, etc.
    1. Understanding P&L and Balance Sheet
    2. Identifying the heads for cost optimisation through P&L.
    3. How to manage and control cash flows.
    4. How to Streamline the MIS reports.
    5. Analysis of financial statements for computing Borrowing capacities.
    6. Understanding methods of Borrowing
    7. Building right capital structure in your organisation

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