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Anantah January 2022


SKC Program Updates


From the desk of Shalini and Sameer Kamboj

The most fantastic thing we notice as we sit with ourselves is – our breath, happening just so effortlessly.

The year 2021 saw countless people lose their breath. As we mourn them and close this calendar year and lead our lives into 2022, we must not forget the importance of this continuing breath that we have been blessed with.

If only we learn how to be with it, we will be free.

Shalini and I sit unlocked, unshackled and liberated as we share this New Year 2022 message with you. We are still breathing (purely an act of Grace!). We could have well lost this breath in 2021, but as we are writing, it is still on.

If you are reading this message, you are also breathing as of yet. Let us value it and use it to break free of our self-created imaginations and silly pursuits that are triggered purely by Fear, Greed (Comparisons) and Lust (Proving).

We wish you a Liberating New Year 2022.
Breathe well.


From the Coach’s Desk

Article Why don’t New Year resolutions work

2022 has just begun and it is that time of the year when everyone is full of zest, excitement and full of determination to set their “New Year Resolutions”. The history of setting the new year resolutions goes back to about 2000 BC when Babylonians celebrated New Year with a resolution to repay their debts and borrowed equipment in that year. However, in today’s time, New Year resolutions have become synonymous with ‘promises to be broken’. It is almost understood that the resolutions set on New Year are likely to be not completed, and in most cases, not even worked upon even once.

Isn’t it ironic that we are setting goals for ourselves with a perceived belief that they won’t be achieved? What does it do to our motivation and self-belief? It all takes a big hit.

Let us look at a few common factors which do not allow new year resolutions to work for us:

1. Not setting them consciously:

If you were to ask maybe 100 people about their new year resolutions, you are bound to get the top common answers as – “reducing weight”, “saving more”, “quit smoking/ drinking”. The fact is that though these may be something you really need while setting them, you don’t really want to make an effort for them. These are being set as the ideal resolutions, and we all know that ideal does not work! There is no point in deciding something which everyone expects or is doing. Your goals and resolutions need to be “yours”. You need to be conscious enough to look at your life position, desire and willingness to choose things you really want to work on. A comparative or idealistic approach to setting resolutions will not work.

2. Taking on more than one can chew:

There is no point in creating a new year resolution list that is less than 10 points, right? But does this help? By October and November, our mind starts playing tricks. We push everything to January in the garb of setting new year resolutions. This piles up our list. And, of course, this list then overwhelms us. Now add the element of “doing things perfectly” to this mix, and you run into the mode of inaction. You need to analyze your capacity to take on things and then work accordingly. It is always better to decide one thing you would actually do instead of 10 that you may or may not do. So start small. Give yourself time and space.

3. Linking everything to New Year:

The biggest problem with new year resolutions is that they are linked to the “New Year”, and the year gets “old” pretty quickly (a few days or a couple of weeks max!). Once the euphoria of the new year fades away, the motivation on things linked to the new year fades away too. Thus, lack of motivation sets in quickly. Why follow a tradition/trend for the sake of it? Why can’t we make resolutions every month, every week, or every day? Why not resolve to do 50 pushups today, and take care of tomorrow, tomorrow?

4. No planning:

Setting goals and resolutions is a step that will lead to nowhere if not backed with proper planning. Planning the goals while setting them will give you utmost clarity on what, how much and when you can do things. If you want to read something and have not been able to find time for it in December 2021, how do you expect to find time for it in January 2022 suddenly? So while setting your resolutions, plan how you will do it? Can you find that 15 mins of time before you go to bed to read a few pages? Would you read with your spouse and have you collaborated with them already? If you can listen to audiobooks, can you utilize your travel time in that? Thinking through the how and when of your goals will help you be realistic in your approach and eventually see real results!

5. No tracking:

Consistent review and tracking of your progress is the ultimate key to bringing desired results and changes. Set up a system that works for you – printing a tracker and putting it up on your wall, following to-do reminder apps, or using the spreadsheet – whatever works. But the essential part is setting time weekly to review your progress. Reviewing allows you to make necessary changes in your methods and routine to keep you on track. You may sometimes reduce your time or effort depending upon your plan for the upcoming week, but this would ensure that you are making consistent progress.

In the end, resolutions are nothing but a method to work and change our habits. If done consciously, the whole experience would be joyful. When we make these too big, we are already scared about not achieving them. There is never a best time nor a bad time to start working on yourself. Start small. Set weekly or daily targets for yourself. Start making things part of your routine.

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but definitely through constant daily efforts. Happy New Year 2022 to all!



CEP is focused on mentoring the two most important pillars of an organization, the Founder and People. Through this program, SKC World wants to offer entrepreneurs a possibility of consistent scale and success in their businesses and personal lives in a joyful manner, without giving over estimations or false motivations.

CEP June Batch Final Evaluation: Day of Celebration of Realizations!

SKC World had the opportunity to celebrate yet another remarkable culmination of a successful CEP Program of a group of 11 entrepreneurs.

Each participant shared their transformational Journey of CEP – a program that helped them identify their true desires and provided tools to overcome the limiting attitudes leading to powerful unleashing of potential.

The participants shared that the very realization and awareness of abundance has led them to take the route of conscious living. This involves consciously designing their lives and building happier organizations. Through this clarity of self and their desires, they have been able to define their purpose and are on their path of achieving them joyfully.

Congratulations to the Batch of June 2021 for successfully completing the Conscious Entrepreneurship Program.

The Consciousness Journey begins here!


It was a splendid 4-day workshop navigating us towards our inner self and offering tools to know and understand “Who Am I”. Participants got the methods for going beyond compulsive emotions and enhancing engagement with life and people. This whole process was an eye opening experience!

The participants were initiated into 2 powerful Gyanyog Kriyas that will help them evolve.

  • Sthir Pragya Kriya
  • Mano Vikar Mukti Kriya

The workshop aimed to introduce the whole idea of conscious living – through which we can fulfill the purpose of our life – by aligning intent and action towards the purpose!

Isn’t it intriguing? Experience to know more….


Essentials of Success is a home-grown program of SKC. It is specially designed for junior management teams, aspiring entrepreneurs and students to provide them with an enthusiastic and productive way of life and work. It is conducted in open batches as well as specific batches of organizations, institutes, etc.

When Essentials of SuccessTM (EOS) is applied to organizations and institutes, the EOS program deals with issues like building effective teams, establishing a problem-solving approach in people, and achieving and aligning with organizational goals.

EOS September Batch 2021 Graduation!

We are most pleased to share that on November 11, 2021, SKC World concluded yet another remarkable EOS Program, September 2021 Batch impacting the lives of 12 brilliant EOS Participants adding to the excellent EOS lineage.

Essentials of Success is a unique program designed for junior to mid-management teams and emerging leaders. Its purpose is to empower them with an enthusiastic and productive way of life and work. We offer them the tools and practices that can transform lives.

Participants shared how planning and effective goal setting has led to timely deliveries and achievement of goals, increasing their efficiency and productivity. They are able to spend time with family, striking a balance between work and personal life. Clarity of self, empathy, and increased emotional intelligence has led to more fruitful and healthy relations fostering a positive and joyful environment. It was also wonderful to witness how inculcating habits like waking up early, time slotting, taking initiatives, and responsibility for work – personal /professional- is paying off tremendously!

This is what we call transformational. Such evolutionary growth is priceless to treasure for SKC World!

Congratulations to the participants and their Organizations for successfully completing the ”Essentials Of Success” Program with SKC World!

ESSENTIALS OF SUCCESS (EOS) Realizations from the PROGRAM By Chaitanya Jain

A few questions arrived in my mind, just like you are thinking right now. What is EOS? Why am I enrolling? Will it be beneficial? Is it time-worthy? And many more such questions! Just like the quote, “Never Judge A Book By Its Cover”, the same applies for this. One needs to enroll and experience it, as experience in itself is an integral part of life.

EOS helped me enhance my strength for progressing on the path towards success, being more efficient, building relationships with time through time management – I would want to believe that it’s a problem faced by most people on the earth!

What really helped is working on the minute details in goal planning – this extensive thinking around the whole goal and its possible dimensions has really helped in having a larger picture of how to achieve it successfully. This then leads to solving problems in a very calm and gentle way. Tools like Time Slotting helped in noting down things, allocating time to it and classifying my activities which in turn led me to be more productive, and I actually got to know that I have more potential than what I was thinking. I am still working on being more conscious and making fewer mistakes.

Before the program, I used to think I was very smart to handle the issues in my life and manage my time correctly, which meant that I didn’t need any mentoring in my life. For me – I was doing quite well in my life, and I’m sure a lot of you would resonate with me on this. I have always dreamt of achieving something in my life and believed that a day would come when I would feel proud. However, deep down, I know one can’t achieve success if one doesn’t know how to reach it.

For me, EOS is a program that will help me achieve personal and professional goals, and being conscious in life would be the first step towards success.

I would highly recommend this program to all looking for ways to achieve success in life.

What are our SKC GRADS upto? Let's hear it from them… Acts of Consciousness By Akhilesh Bhargava

The first place that comes to most people’s minds for partying or relaxation is a Beach. However, while we hang around, party, sunbathe on the beach, do we also contribute to keeping it clean? It is something for us to think of!

How does it help?
Cleaning the beach aids in beach restoration. It helps prevent debris from flowing back into the ocean and protects marine life from getting killed due to debris. Marine animals eat plastic or the remains of what flows into the ocean, assuming it to be food. There is so much harm done to marine life and the environment as a whole.

However, the biggest change will be that of a change in people’s habits, when they will ” learn while doing” rather than following the “use and throw culture” ; pick up plastic at the beach and not buy single use plastic at home. This will help in reducing garbage.

Mr. Akhilesh Bhargava, Managing Director of AVI Global Plast and Director with Date with Ocean Foundation is actively involved in Beach cleaning activities every weekend since 2016.

He firmly believes that the change starts with him. Being from the plastic and packaging industry, he felt a moral duty and commitment to the cause.

It has been a work in progress for almost 350 weeks, and over 2 million Kilos of plastics has been picked up from the beaches. Over 200 full-time volunteers are working on over 24 projects to reduce marine litter. There have been over 10000 people, including thousands of kids, for cleanups at times.

The work done is under the umbrella of a foundation called “Date with Ocean foundation”, mentored by UN Champion of Earth Afroz Shah. The projects are supported by various companies including DOW Chemicals, Reliance Industries, Adidas, Cocacola, etc.

Beach cleaning for me is like Sadhna – I don’t need to make an effort to go for it. It just happens on its own. Everything else gets adjusted.

The experience has made him realize that every stakeholder in the ecosystem has an equal right – the right of a fish, a turtle, a river, an ocean is not less than his own.


Connect with the SKC values - Excellence! By Divya Muraleedhar

Since childhood, like any other competitive child, I endeavored to be the best at academics and anything I do. When I tried to carry the same chase to my workplace, it kept me going reasonably successful! My career started around 16 years ago, and life started even 20 years before.

However, there used to be these pauses when I wondered, “What does it mean to be the BEST, after all?” There were more often performers with higher results and lower. Then how do I still aim to be the best? Within the first few years, the chase started becoming directionless, and that is when I saw my “motivation” levels going down.

When I started my journey with SKC, I started spending more time discovering “Who I am”, and that’s when I realized there is hardly ever any best in any field. As humans, we are all here to explore our potential. But how can that happen if my goal post is somewhere outside? Excellence is not when you become the best at something. Even if you do that, it is very short-lived. Then what is the real pursuit?

I started looking closely at the things that I do. Realizing that there is a lot of scope for improvement in the quality of activities, I began constantly being my own competition. My only aim was to become better than how I did it yesterday. Gradually that became my constant source of motivation, and it was giving me good enough purpose to stay ON most times. The journey became more exciting, and I started feeling expanded. Finding joy in my little achievements, I understood what the term ‘Success’ really meant.

This way I can appreciate what the other person has been doing too.
What could be better than generating it for yourself, right?

And here we are, in the days of WFH, where our office environment is not constantly available to bounce things off and take feedback. This pursuit has been my best friend, both in delivering at work and keeping me joyful.

Curious to know what’s happening inside SKC?

Here’s the very hardworking and fun team of SKC – celebrating together on the occasion of festivities!

The SKC team celebrated Christmas with a lot of fun and togetherness! There was a secret Santa game that was played as a Christmas ritual. The team sang carols, cut the Christmas cake – everybody relished the cake and had a fantastic time!

What is life if such moments aren’t celebrated together – after all, it’s in the office that you spend most of your day! For us it’s our second home…what about you?

Let’s keep the celebration of life on…because celebration means being together!!


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