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30th Nov & 1st Dec, 2023
09:00am - 05:00pm (IST) both days--> Register Now
One can go beyond the games of mind by peeling off the layers of perception, convictions, and illusions.
ANAAVARAN presents this possibility.
Anaavaran Video
Shalini Kamboj

Shalini Kamboj

People experience feelings of being deceived, wronged, hurt, confused, doubted, rejected, distracted, unloved, directionless, depressed, frustrated, not good enough, and more. Stress is a constant companion, and distractions are seemingly a permanent solution.

When distractions through entertainment are not enough, we even resort to spirituality. Expressing our deepest feelings and desires becomes the tallest mountain that remains unscaled. Suppression remains futile but the only viable tool. In this chaos, we build our lives.
We intend to offer a viable alternative to such a life.

Let’s call it ‘LIFE RESOLVED’

ANAAVARAN is an intense meditative program based on ancient Indian scientific methods of Gyan Yog, which is an understanding/study of the self. Derived from the Sanskrit language, the word Aavaran literally means “to cover.” Hence, ANAAVARAN is the combination of two words Ana- Aavaran which means to “unveil or to peel off the layers,” up to your sub-atomic levels. Ana means uncovering/unpeeling to reveal the truth.

Through ANAAVARAN, SKC World brings the methods to discover the Calm, Peace, Joy, Engagement, and Success, which are born with us and within us.

Anaavaran Workshop


ANAAVARAN workshop is immersion into Gyan Marg, focusing on the growth and evolution of the individual. It aims to DE-mystify spirituality so that it can be applied in our daily lives.

Led by Sameer and Shalini, this workshop is curated for seekers who are curious and willing to discover their true version.

This program offers mentoring, self-awareness tools, and innovative meditative practices that help you resolve daily struggles of life while ensuring that you gain progressive emotional and spiritual consciousness.

Choose to design your own life instead of living a continuous past. Create a life that is Inclusive, Loving, and Joyful

Go beyond the limiting perceptions and beliefs of society and live your life on the basic principles of being human.
Sameer Kamboj

Sameer Kamboj


Insights are mostly based on perceptions. And perceptions are what lead to convictions, illusions, and emotional baggage.

Meditative practices imparted at ANAAVARAN help you to peel off the layers of mind and get rid of all uncertainty, fear, and worry. It helps you come face-to-face with your true-self and get all the answers from within you.

Anaavaran Workshop


Besides being focused on the evolution and growth of individuals,
ANAAVARAN will help you to:
countingGet clarity of mind so that you can make better decisions.
countingAchieve increased stability of mind, enhance focus, and thinking abilities through logic and intuition.
countingAchieve an increased level of consciousness and enhance your ability to engage with people and life around you.
countingRealize your potential and help others realize theirs.
countingKnow how to love yourself and how to be amongst the ones you love and care for.
countingKnow what is leading your life currently and why you are struggling. Learn simple methods that can be used in a day-to-day basis to reduce that struggle.
countingLead a conscious and powerful life, devoid of struggles of emotional baggage and reactions for each moment of your life.

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