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SKC World is driven to create an era of Conscious, Compassionate and Joyful entrepreneurship – where being a change agent is the shortest and quickest route to achieving excellence.

How This

SKC works on the premise of, and is an apt example of, Total Success. This is an optimum combination of:

  • Economic success
  • Physical success
  • Mental and emotional success
  • Spiritual success

An aligned life that designs its success in all these 4 dimensions is an evolved one. Demystifying the ancient “Seven Chakras” technology, SKC helps you create a higher form of life within you using ‘best in the world’ management, leadership and neuro-scientific tools. This Seven Step Evolution is a masterfully crafted process to meet today’s Leadership needs.

There are 7 levels of interventions consciously designed towards Total Success through evolution. These 7 levels blend a founder’s strategic intent with an organization-wide action plan. As an approach, this becomes a definitive way of dealing with the dynamics of an increasingly transactional business world through the sanguinity of intent. Our engagements include:

  • 1 Founder Mentoring (EPP, EOS and ESS) - Level 1 Beginner
  • 2 Conscious Entrepreneurship Program™ (CEP) - Level 1 Advanced
  • 3 Corporate Empowerment Model™ (CorEM) - Level 2 Beginner
  • 4 Anaavaran - Level 2 Advanced

The next 5 levels are dynamic in nature, and take place only through personalized session on a 1-to-1 basis. While the success of these sessions comes down to the willingness of participating individuals, the results always lead to deeper and intense levels of personal development.

SKC’s 5-Pillar ©

In every organization, the founder must function as the initiator, the brain, the instigator, the analyst, the strategist, the inspiration, the reviewer, the bond, the glue, the chooser, the executioner, the beneficiary. This is only possible if the founder is conscious. Consciousness is the mental phase that allows the founder to function as a true leader – allowing the people of the organization to build upon their personal abilities and tap in to their potential – benefitting the organization as a consequence. An unconscious founder, on the other hand, has to rely on fear, greed or lust to drive the organization and its people. SKC’s programs center around 5 pillars that define and drive any organization: The Founder – who functions as the driver of the organizational vehicle – and its four wheels – Finance, Sales, Process and People.


Derived from the experience of an intense 
process of self-realizations, SKC’s 
approach is pillared on 5 principles

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    That our limited perception is the fundamental barrier to tapping into our potential.
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    That what we see outside is finite, but as we turn Inwards, it becomes Infinite. That Infinity is unattainable outwards, but completely realizable inwards.
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    That the process of enhancing perception through self-realization is Evolution.
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    That the journey of evolution must include everybody around us.
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    That unless our achievements are accompanied by our evolution, they’re meaningless.

Shalini and Sameer envision, research and create insightful proprietary processes and techniques to automate deliveries to clients, leaving them ‘hands free’ to focus on business engagements and organizational growth.


SKC begins commercial operations, kick-starting business transformation through processes that leverage proven, ancient Indian evolutionary methods that help entrepreneurs scale their lives and organizations.


A 7-Level, Self-Realization development matrix is constructed to help meet the varying needs of numerous SKC clients.


SKC partners with LMI to employ its programs in the first level of SKC’s 7-Level matrix. Through the leveraging of shortened delivery processes and globally recognized practices, SKC now generates wider business impact.


SKC joins hands with GGI - the world's 6th largest professional body, in line with PWC, KPMG, etc.


SKC becomes India partner to Geneva World Group – a premier solutions provider to Fortune 100, 500 and 1000 companies.

Today, SKC offers its programs and services from its New Delhi headquarters and offices in Gurgaon. Its service offerings are delivered via 8 partners and numerous associates, all of who are voluntary co-architects of SKC's unique story of success, growth, and impact.