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6 Simple Hacks to Become Consistent


One of the greatest fears I have witnessed in people is of their own Inconsistency. This one factor causes so much guilt and remorse in people, that they begin to doubt their intelligence and start hurting themselves in so many ways.

The Classic Case of Inconsistency

Paul decided to meet his sales team on a weekly basis at a pre-scheduled time, but after a few initial successful meetings, things started to fizzle out. He slowly got busy with other things and started postponing these pre-scheduled sales meetings day after day. As the meetings lost priority, Paul would now meet his sales team. But he was not getting the desired results and most meetings were spent with him speaking, and complaining about the poor results. The performance angered him, but he would not express it. He slowly started to avoid these meetings and felt that his sales team was not good at all. To resolve this he started discussing the matter with his HR head to look for alternative people.

This is a classical case of Inconsistency at display. Before committing to meet his sales team weekly, Paul could have ensured that he will live up to his commitment. Just making decisions in your mind does not necessarily produce results. Rather, it may create stress! One has to act upon the decision to successfully execute it.

To resolve Inconsistency at its root level, you need to identify the nature and the manner in which we become inconsistent, we must also examine the most common factors that make us Inconsistent:

The 6 Hacks:

1.Manage your calendar properly

Most complicated things have simple solutions.

  1. A simple look at your calendar before you make a time commitment.
  2. Checking your calendar daily and frequently to keep you on track.
  3. Sticking to the commitments made on the calendar.
  4. Reminding others of their commitments on their calendar or tasks.

Treat the commitments you make to yourself as important as the commitments you make to your closest people. Are you the most important person in your Life?

2.Don’t Be The Hero! Instead, Collaborate…

Another simple solution to avoid inconsistency is to manage Crisis along with other people in a collaborative manner. The adrenaline rush experienced through the process of resolving crisis alone is usually high, but mostly it leaves you fatigued. Deal with your inner temptation of projecting yourself the “Hero or Heroine” in difficult situations and learn to work in teams and with people.

3.Space out your day

People tend to stuff their day with too many commitments. Their day plans do not leave any scope of downtime or free time. Leaving a little time margins for thinking, concluding, making notes, etc. after or before meetings is required. Time margins for washroom breaks, food breaks, etc. is not planned out by many who are in a hurry to achieve more.

4.Do not overestimate your capabilities

Then there is another aspect of our inner self where people tend to overestimate their capabilities and think they will accomplish more in less time.

5.Expect according to the real capabilities of your people

The fact that people will not be able to do as much as we think or expect from is not accounted for. As poor results or work pendency hits them, they become stressed and slowly but surely, inconsistency starts creeping in.

6.Don’t be too tough on yourself

There are those of us who resolve to no longer remain inconsistent. They start becoming tough with themselves and through the use of strong will power and determination, they decide to discipline themselves. Well it works at first, giving them good results in a few cases, this becomes their success mantra. They become tough on everything. They start living with belief that everything can be done using this mantra. This mistake usually proves fatal. No one likes to be roughed up all the time by someone. Now if that someone becomes you, who roughs your own self up all the time, then you want to escape yourself. You then become inconsistent by falling out with ‘yourself’.

Consistency Comes With Consciousness

Consistency is a game of consciousness. WIthin you, your Consciousness always knows what is right and what needs to be done. It is the ‘unconsciousness’ that makes you do weird things first and then gets busy covering up those acts with denial or rationality.

The day you start to act out of your Consciousness, you will be consistent without being tough on yourself, without having to discipline yourself, without having to use your Will Power, without playing any tricks or offering any treats to the little devil called Unconscious.

Is this possible? If you have a doubt… then look around… everything in this creation is consistent. Where is the Inconsistency but in your own mind?

This was the 6th of 10 mistakes an entrepreneur should avoid while scaling up!

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