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20 Years of Spreading Joy and Consciousness! : Message from the Founders


20 Years at SKC World have been Joyful for me.

What started as an idea in the year 1999 became acceptable to Entrepreneurs in no time. Everyone wanted to Succeed and Scale up their businesses and Lives in a Joyful manner. With each passing year, as people around me evolved and became more Joyful, my Life blossomed.

I remember the initial years when we would discuss the Vision of SKC World with people around us. They would look at us as if we were fools. Slowly our foolishness became contagious. More  and more people started becoming present to the idea of a Conscious Life. The possibility of Joyfulness was witnessed by all.

The first few team members of SKC World were in line with the Vision of Creating an Era of Conscious Entrepreneurship, yet as teams grew, scepticism also grew, merely because what we offered was ‘too good to be true’. Talent came in to join SKC World out of curiosity, but remained sceptical of this possibility in their initial periods of engagement. With time, they experienced the Joy and a seamless life that was simply abundant. Young boys and girls, with dreams and aspirations in their eyes achieved their dreams. They remained firmly rooted to their values and appreciated the Grace called Life. My Gratitude also goes to all those 1000s of entrepreneurs, who chose to become ‘Conscious Entrepreneurs’!

I am Joyful for so many Conscious Entrepreneurs chose the path of Success, Scale and Joy. When I leave this World and shed my body, I shall leave in peace for the presence of Conscious Entrepreneurs who will become the New Icons of the Social Order. Those Entrepreneurs who will change the World through their clear insights about themselves and Life. Who shall make this World a place where people live Happy, Peacefully and in abundance, for each moment of their Life.

I am Joyful.

Wishing you all a very Happy foundation day.

Happy 20th Birthday SKC World!

4th July 2019

Shalini Kamboj

Sameer Kamboj


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